Sunday, February 25, 2018

Post 3667 - Sunday Night Ramblings

Hello there, you handsome devil.

I wish I could say I had spent a quiet day doin' nothin', but instead I spent a good six hours shredding documents. Old bills and the like. They had been piling up for years.

I deployed the handy dandy shredder for this purpose. I think there is a second one lying around here, but I used the one I saw. One of those shredders that only accommodate up to five sheets, but it wasn't happy to be given more than four. I was doing quite well, but after a couple of hours I was getting more and more shredder jams. I was spending more and more time clearing the jams, using toothpicks and even a tine from a fork to clear the mechanism so I could resume my work. This happened several times. Out of six hours of work, I probably spent two hours fixing the various paper jams. It wasn't even the slightest big frustrating. Nope. Not at all.

At any rate, I filled two large clear plastic bags with this material. Assuming the weather holds, they will go out on Tuesday morning. And maybe we should be getting a newer shredder, huh?

I remember when I bought my parents a shredder, a good ten years ago now. Dad was thrilled. He actually enjoyed shredding his old bills and the like. I still found a bunch of them after he died, so I guess the thrill was gone for him some time before that.

What else is going on in my life? Not much, I'm afraid.

Back to work in the morning. Why do weekends go by so quickly?

You have a good evening and take care of each other.

See you tomorrow.


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