Thursday, March 8, 2018

Post 3675 - Storm Central

Well, that was fun.

We got to work this morning without much incident, although the weather was foul and maybe they should have thought about cancelling schools. Then, around 8:15, Patricia called to tell me that power was out at her work. We were wondering whether they might send her home when it came back on.

Then, around 11:45 this morning, seconds after I had microwaved my roast beef lunch, the power went out at my work. I also learned that there is no emergency lighting in our kitchen, so I could see almost nothing. I made my way back to my desk, ate my lunch, which was just warm enough to be acceptable, and waited for word of the power and when it might come back on.

Management monitored news reports and the Nova Scotia power outage map and decided to send us home around 1:30. Patricia arranged to take a couple hours of vacation time so I picked her up and we drove home, getting cash along the way to pay the young man who would doubtless have cleaned out the driveway by that time. We also stopped off to the bakery in Lakeside, which is a wonderful place serving wonderful food, and you have to go there. We got home. I paid the young man I just mentioned (twice, as it turned out) and we got inside and watched some stuff on the pvr. But by 4pm, I was getting tired, so I took a long nap upstairs.

I capped off the evening by washing a bunch of dishes. My goodness, what an exciting life we lead, eh?

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will venture forth and see what fresh adventures await. Maybe I will go to the Superstore across from my work and squeeze some lemons, to check for freshness. Gotta live on the edge.

You guys have a good night. Stay warm and dry.


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