Sunday, March 25, 2018

Post 3684 - The Weekend Is Gone

Here it is, late Sunday night. Where did the weekend go?

Saturday morning I went to the archives and researched an unsolved murder. I received some information last week. Armed with that information, I was able to find related articles from local newspapers for that time period. Even found the guy's obituary, which contains a wealth of information. These were articles I had not been able to find before. With this information, I can potentially track down family members, a couple of whom may be willing to speak to me. I have already spoken to another source about this man, and plan to speak to this person again, I hope sooner rather than later.

Learning about these cases is painstaking work, and is not unlike trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, without knowing what the picture on the box is.

In other news, we got some Chinese food last night. It was fine at the time, but we have been feeling a big blah ever since. Probably won't go back there any time soon. Too much MSG.

And, today, we started watching 9-1-1, the show that starts Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, and a clearly-slumming Connie Britton. The initial season has ten episodes. We just finished watching episode nine. My editor at Frank thinks I work too hard. I will tell him to read this blog post as proof that I can slack off just as much as the next guy.

Tomorrow will get here pretty soon, so I should turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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