Monday, April 2, 2018

Post 3689 - Three Days Later


I didn't mean to take the last few days off from the blog.

I was in the Valley From Saturday morning until mid-afternoon on Sunday. I had a bunch of things to take care of, including some Frank work. That evening I watched a few things on Plex.

Sunday I had a bit of business to take care of. I know. Easter Sunday, and I had some business. Shame on me. I am sorry about that. I will discuss the nature of that business as the time draws closer.

If it helps, I didn't get any Easter candy this year. Call that my punishment.

I returned to the city Sunday afternoon. Newbie was all over me. Patricia told me that he had moped around the house in my absence. I suppose I could have taken him with me to the Valley, but honestly, scooping him up and putting him in his cat carrier and lugging him there and back is never fun. And he senses in some way when I am about to return to the city. He always hides. One time, he hid in Dad's old workshop, underneath a heavy wooden storage thingy, in a space so small I don't know how he got in there. I had to poke at him with the business end of a broom to coax him out, grab him, and thrust him into his carrier. Took me the better part of an hour.

Another time, at the cottage, we couldn't find him. Cindy Clawford was still alive. She led us down the hallway and stood by the bed, under which Newbie was hiding.

Taking him anywhere is more trouble than it is worth. I can't even pick him up and carry him in my arms to the front deck. He seizes up and digs his claws into my back to the point where he draws blood. I just take him back inside and learn my lesson.

So, I leave him behind when I go to the Valley for an overnighter.

He is a homebody the likes of which I have seen in no other cat. As I type these in my home office, he is at my feet, waiting for me to finish writing this post (soon, Newbie! Soon!) so he can toddle off to bed with me.

He is a character. And when he eventually passes, he will leave a hole in my heart.

Back to work in a few hours. Should get some shuteye.

Newbie? Buddy? It's time!

See you tomorrow.


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