Friday, April 6, 2018

Post 3691 - Friday Night

Wow, sorry about that.

I have been dealing with some heavy stuff lately. It has been all I could do just to get through my work days. I'd turn in early and sleep as much as I could. The issues remain outstanding, alas.

I can't get too much into what those issues are. But I am not in trouble with the law or anything. My job is safe. My health is fine. When the issues are resolved, I will look forward to discussing them with you.

There is not much else going on. I am working on a couple of cold cases for Frank. And... I have a request.

I write about local cold cases. I don't mind discussing them. I appreciate it when folks suggest Nova Scotia-based cold cases, and especially when they have information that can help me put a unique angle on the case they have in mind.

But people have been sending me random cold case articles. They can be interesting in their own right, but my mental health suffers, reading about dead people and missing persons all the time.

I don't read much true crime, unless it is related to Nova Scotia-based cases.

So, please, folks, if you want to send me a link to a cold case, make sure it is one you think I would want to read, and not just another story of people being horribly murdered and mutilated or whatever. I have only so much capacity for such material. You probably do, too, or you are some sick person.

Thank you.

I think I will turn in. Long day on Saturday.

See you tomorrow.


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