Thursday, April 12, 2018

Post 3695 - The Weekend Is Here

Yes, the weekend is here. And, I'm broke, even though it's payday.

Yes. We got the car back. Over five hundred smackers of work, and storage, and taxes.

Rather than lug the tires back and forth, we are spending $69 to store them. I learned that they are actually stored somewhere in Lakeside. We live in Timberlea, which is one community away from Lakeside. So, yes, the tires for our car, and other folks' cars, are stored mere minutes from where I type these words. And we are paying good money for this privilege.

So, the "all season" tires are on. Balanced. Aligned, too. Two different processes. Oil change. Fluid fill up. Brake check. Checking that the seal was still good around the windshield. Et cetera.

There was no discussion about the warranty being threatened, so that was good.

Had a few minutes to kill before the shuttle took us to work. The new, 2018, Soul's "only" have an 8 year, 160 000 km warranty. Ours has 8 year, 200 000km. We appear to have a better warranty. No regrets about getting our car!

After work, on the way home, we went to the fish and chips place in Bayer's Lake, Fredie's Fish and Chips. Still an awesome place. I found an insurance pink sheet on the ground. Still in effect. Took in to Fredie's. They said they would call the guy if they had to. That is but one small example of the customer service in that place! Above and beyond.

We are off on Friday. Gotta get up relatively early and head over to Dartmouth to meet with our tax accountant. Then, we head back to Halifax to attend Patricia's Gaelic class. The teacher keeps asking Patricia about me, and this is the last class for several months, so I guess I will go. I will  understand nothing except when they say my name, but them's the breaks.

There are other plans for the weekend, and some important work, too. I can't put it off any longer.

You folks have a good evening. Bark at ya tomorrow.


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