Friday, April 13, 2018

Post 3696 - Friday Night

How was your day?

We dipped over to Dartmouth this morning to see our tax accountant. Taxes are due in the next couple of weeks, as you Canadians know.

After that, we got breakfast at the Cora's in Burnside. Cora's is a place that plenty of people go to, but that particular one was not very busy at all.  Patricia had salmon eggs benny. I had something called "Jo Construction", consisting of eggs and too much meat.

We checked out "Goody's" after that, which apparently is what they call Goodwill stores now. Turns out today was 95cent book day, so I got eight books. They also have a "buy three, get one free deal", so I got those eight books for $5.70 cents, of 71.25 cents per book.  I got a "Game of Thrones" novel that we didn't already have, plus the latest Steve Berry Cotton Mather thriller. It came out in paperback in January and would retail for nearly $13.00, so I got a good deal! Got six more books of note, too, but they're upstairs and I'm tired. If you must know what I got, let me know, and I will list them tomorrow night.

(There is a friend on Facebook who lives in the States. He is forever going to his local thrift stores and purchasing books for something like ten cents apiece, and putting pictures of them on his Facebook. I am for some reason fascinated by these posts. Perhaps I should put up a few of my own!)

We then went to the "Bibles for Missions" thrift store on the outskirts of Bedford. I was on the hunt for a cheap arse widescreen computer monitor, like the one I'm staring at now. It was less than six dollars there last year. Would be super sweet to get another one for the other desktop computer in this home office.

But they had nothing, and I got nothing. But Patricia got some clothes and other things, totaling exactly $21. But I had got her a $20 gift certificate from that place for Christmas, so she was out of pocket one whole dollar.

From there we went to Guy's Frenchy's, which is sort of across the street. She got more clothes and some bedding. After spending the gift card I got for her there for Christmas, she was out of pocket just over $30.

We returned home around 4:20. Patricia napped while I snacked and watched a bit of tv. I did some work this evening.

An eventful day, and three thrift stores. I love those places!

Tomorrow we have some plans which I will tell you about in short order. Until then, I really should turn in, because there is plenty to do on Saturday!

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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