Monday, April 16, 2018

Post 3698 - What Would You Say?

This morning, my friend Scott Simpson (late of News 95.7, presently Program Director of News Talk 1290, CJBK in London, Ontario, posted on his Facebook a short video of himself as a 19 year old. He expressed a wish that he could talk to that much-younger version of himself and what he would say. He asked his FB friends what we would say to our 19 year old selves.

He caught me in a quiet, contemplative, pensive mood.

I wrote that I would tell that young man, who had been bullied in junior high school to within an inch of his life, and who had graduated high school without ever dated, and who was in his sophomore year at Acadia University and used to being beaten down, that things would get better. I would tell "Bevboy" that he was not stupid, not useless, and that he deserved happiness. That he was a good person. To find a way to hang in there.

And, of course, I did hang in there. It was not easy, because I did not have that pep talk when I was 19. I wish I had.

What would you tell YOUR 19 year-old self if you could?

You know how to respond: through FB, writing a comment to this post, or dropping me a line here. Just try to put "19 year old" in the subject line.

Short post tonight, I know. Gives you more time to write me!

See you tomorrow.


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