Friday, April 20, 2018

Post 3700 - Well, Not Really

Welcome, sort of, to post 3700.

As I have stated before, the blog post numbering has been thrown off a few times over the years. The number of posts is somewhat higher than 3700. I keep meaning to find out what that number is, and start numbering at the next number beyond that. But not tonight.

I didn't write last evening because, as I have noted before, my body shut down early. 9:30 or so, and I was out like a light. I am not sure the reason for this. Could be the new job, or the lousy weather, or some personal stuff, or even something else.

Friday was another typical day at work. I could look out the window and see the snow coming down at one point and remaking that it was April 20th, and I had my snow tires removed a week ago, and that it has no business snowing on April 20th. And, yet, it was snowing, on April 20th. Did I mention i had my snow tires removed last week? And that today is April 20th?

After work, we went to Fredie's Fantastic Fishhouse in Bayer's Lake. Parked the car and noticed that Dhaba, in addition to the Indian restaurant, now operates an Indian grocery store. Had no idea it was there. We went in, and Patricia fell in love with the place. She bought numerous spices and sauces and rice and other things. She promises to be in the kitchen for a big chunk of the weekend. I hope we have butter chicken!

We wandered over to the Dhaba restaurant, a couple of units up from the grocery store. We found out the hard way that one needs reservations to eat there. I am not used to going to any restaurant in these here parts and requiring a reservation to get in. I guess this speaks to the quality of the place. Patricia says we ate there several years ago, but I don't have any recollection of that. So, maybe soon, we will call and reserve a spot to have dinner there.

We ended up at Fredie's and sat down next to an older couple who normally eat at Fries and Company, over on Chebucto Road. We have never been impressed with the place. The woman was openly complaining about Fredie's. The fish pieces were too small. The plastic forks were cheap (I have never seen elaborate plastic forks. Have you?). The paper plates were flimsy. You'd think that Fries and Company was haute cuisine or something, and that this couple had deigned to eat something else.

After their delightful company, we were only too glad to get out of there. Not yet ready to go home, we drove out to Tantallon. Otis & Clementine's was closed, so we went into the Home Hardware. They had a few barbecues for sale, but nothing that really grabbed me. They gave me a catalogue from which I can order a higher end bbq, though. I also learned that they will assemble the thing for free, saving untold numbers of marriages in the land, and will deliver it for a nominal fee. We may take them up on that offer.

We drove around a bit more, checking out the area where the proposed new development is supposed to go. I don't know what the complaining is all about. The current area is literally a wooded swamp. Replacing that with a bunch of rental units and retail makes perfect sense to me. Should have happened years ago.

At the nearby Superstore, we got some cheap chicken pieces, and half price mushrooms. We now have so many mushrooms we wish we could ingest them to get high, but they are the wrong kind of mushrooms, so we will have to eat them, instead.

After getting home, we noted that the property next door had been sold. It only went on the market maybe two weeks ago. The place was a rental property for the 17 years I have lived here, and for quite a few years before that. I have seen plenty of neighbours come and go over the years. The owner got fed up with renting for some reason and spent a bunch of money to spruce the place up and then sold it for a good price. I hope we end up with nice people as neighbours. We have had one or two jerks over the years.

And, the place next door to that, also sold this week. It took them a few years to sell their place. I will miss Rose and Andrew. The other computer desk in my home office came from their house. They offered it for free online, and I spoke up for it, not realizing how close by they were. I was worried about how I'd get the thing home, until I learned they were two doors up the street! Dad and I added a side shelf a year or so later. It presently holds my media server. It was probably a good idea that we used three shelf brackets to hold that shelf/ledge in place!

It has been a long day, and a long week. I need my beauty coma.

If I think of it, I will share my thoughts with you about the proposed shooting at the Halifax Shopping Centre, tomorrow night.

See you then.


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