Sunday, April 22, 2018

Post 3702 - Sunday Night

Well, hello there, handsome.

Man, did I sleep in this morning! All three of us: Patricia, Newbie, and I, all had a hard time getting up. When we did, we were logy. I made us something to eat, but I will be darned if I can remember what it was.

By early afternoon, I was washing dishes, and Patricia was trying to retrieve gardening stuff from the shed, only to discover that the shed was full of stuff, and she had to spend the next two and a half hours cleaning out the shed, with me helping and staying out of her way. I did go to the other shed (yes, we have two sheds on the property) and dig out some patio furniture and the barbecue. Hooked it up, and it worked. Decided to cook some chicken breasts on it for dinner. They were delicious.

We threw a lot of stuff out of the shed and into garbage bags. We will likely have to take a trip to the local landfill and deal with it that way. The wheelbarrow I have had for... a lot of years is just not fit to use. It is all rusted through. The wheel part of the barrow doesn't hold air. It will go. The chaise longue I bought just a couple of years ago has some rust on it, and is faded to boot. Seemed really nice at the Kent store in Bayer's Lake, but once we got it home its impracticality came shining through. I will not miss it. And somehow over the years we acquired far more snow and ice scrapers and snowbrushes than two people will ever need. Some of them are going. Other things, too. L'histoire!

This evening we watched this week's episode of "The Good Fight", which is even better in season two than it was in season one. Much more disappointing was "Imposters", which in its season two has forgotten what made its season one so enjoyable. The main characters are scattered hither and yon. There are parallel stories that are not going anywhere, and too many other characters I don't care about. Why are there so many sophomore slumps when it comes to tv shows?

It is back to reality tomorrow. Where do these silly weekends go, anyway?

See you tomorrow.


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