Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Post 3703 - Tuesday Night


I didn't write last evening because I pretty much turned in for the evening at 5:30. I watched some of the news and then drifted off for the night. I don't know if I am fighting something, or what. I just know that I cannot account for my Monday night.

Felt much better today. After work, we went to Costco. We got some beef patties, and I ended up barbecuing all of them. Two-thirds of them are in the fridge. Took out some chicken from the freezer tonight. May barbecue that tomorrow night. Barbecue time is here again!!

So, I got an email on Sunday, and then two more on Monday, and a final reminder today for extreme good measure. The long service award payout thing I told you about last month? Well, I will get mine this coming Thursday. This morning I logged on to our employee self service web portal and saw the amount of this pay cheque, which contains this payout. It is the biggest pay cheque with my name on it that I have ever seen, or ever will see again. I will probably download it and add it to my dropbox in a folder called "Bevboy's Biggest Paycheque Ever". I will look at it from time to time in my inevitable dotage.

Barring some unforeseen circumstance, I will be using a big chunk of that money to pay off a couple of debts I have been gradually paying down. As I wrote before, the major debt will be paid off nearly two years sooner than I had expected. While I am taking a big tax hit, the money I am freeing up every two weeks will come close to making up for that hit, within 18 months. So, the debt will be gone, and the tax hit I am taking to get this money now will be offset by the money no longer going to this debt (which will no longer exist), by Hallowe'en of 2019, maybe even a bit sooner.

Furthermore, I will be maxing out my CPP and EI premiums for all of 2018 out of this pay, so I will not have to contribute to those plans for the balance of the year. This makes subsequent pays even larger until January of 2019. Not too shabby.

Other guys at work were and are pretty excited to be getting this money. They have plans for this money as I do. Apparently, some 1500 civil servants will be getting some form of pay out this coming Thursday. While it is none of my business, and I will never know, I do wonder what the largest single payout this Thursday will be. Not who's getting it; just what is the amount?

You just gotta know that civil servants will be going on a shopping spree in the coming week or so. Big screen tv's, large barbecues, and late-model cars will be disappearing from local stores. Men will take their sweethearts not to the Pizza Delight buffet, but to Da Maurizio instead.

Me? Once I get this debt paid off, I start saving up to replace a bunch of windows in my house. And the doors at each entrance. Real sexy stuff, huh? Hubba hubba.

I think I will turn in.

Thursday, payday, can't get here soon enough!

See you tomorrow.


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