Thursday, April 26, 2018

Post 3705 - Even Closer!

Payday today.

I was not allowing myself to believe it, but it did happen. The biggest paycheque in my life landing in my bank account. And by this time tomorrow, a big arse debt that I have been dutifully paying down will no longer exist.

To celebrate the extra coin, I took Patricia to our new fave breakfast place, which is Smitty's in downtown Halifax. I dropped her off so I could park the car. By the time I got in, I noticed that Patrica was sitting in our usual spot, and our usual server, Emily, was giving her the 411. I remarked to her what i just wrote, and then quipped that i wanted my usual. Without even blinking, she asked if it was that Western eggs benny with avocado, with a fruit cup on the side. We both looked shocked, and I stammered that it was. Emily admitted she could not remember whether I liked the yolks soft, medium, or hard. I reminded her I liked them medium. Patricia said she wanted the same thing.

We don't go in there THAT often. This was perhaps the third time in 2018. Yet Emily remembered us, and what our favourite dish was.

Guess who got a 30% tip this morning? Hint: It was not Patricia or me.

Mid-morning I took care of a financial issue that I will discuss on Friday. Lunch time was spent on the first floor of my work, where we feted a guy who's retiring in the next few days. The place will not be the same without him.

After work, I picked up Patricia, and then we drove to Atlantic News, on the corner of Queen and Morris Streets. They put aside EQMM and AHMM for me. Simply not economical to subscribe to them anymore. It is cheaper to buy them this way, at full cover price. That done, we went to the Chinese place up the street, where we ended up ordering far too much food, two thirds of which we ended up bringing home.

We went to Costco after that and got a few things. Hey, if you like McCafe coffee by the tin, it is 43% cheaper to buy it there than at a regular grocery store. For the same amount of money I see the 950g tin at, say, Superstore, you get a 1.36kg tin of coffee. A heck of a good deal, and very good coffee. I bought two. Also got some led bulbs because they were marked down, and a book on the Halifax explosion that I didn't already have.

A very productive day.

Friday promises to be even more so. Debt, it was (not so) nice knowing you. So excited!!

See you tomorrow.


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