Monday, April 30, 2018

Post 3706 - A Few Days Later...

Did you miss me? Did you notice I was gone?

I am sorry I didn't write the last few days. Friday was crazy busy. I was up until 12:30 Saturday morning doing stuff.

But before that...

I paid off two of my debts.

Thursday I went to the local Royal Bank branch and got a bank draft for a very large amount of money, at least large by my standards. Likely by yours, as well. I stored that bank draft in the binder I use to keep my true crime stuff for Frank in. The whole time, I feared I would lose the bank draft.

Friday came. My appointment with the credit union was for one pm. I made sure I was there with time to spare. I presented the loans officer with the bank draft. She knew what to do with it. In short order, the mastercard's balance went to zero. A moment later, the loan I had been doggedly paying down the last few years ceased to exist. I told Pam that part of the loan payment was the result of my taking over my late mother's hearing aid loan. She bought new hearing aids a few months before she died. Pam looked at me pityingly and said that when her mom died, they took her hearing aids back to Costco, which issued a prompt refund. The place where Mom got her hearing aids (and batteries) refused to accept either. My sister literally threw the hearing aids in the garbage. I ended up taking over that debt, which was a few thousand dollars. Thanks, sis. If I ever need hearing aids, I will get them through a place like Costco, and not some local company that has a crap return policy.

It cost me a lot, but those debts are gone. Now, I will pay down my two Visa cards. The balances are not huge. They will be paid off in a couple of months, at which time they will be revolving credit cards, meaning I pay them off in full every month.

So very pleased.

Saturday I went to the Valley. I had some business at the house. I learned in the afternoon that I owed a bit of money on my taxes this year, so I paid that amount right away. It was barely in time for the tax deadline. I was not happy that they took two weeks to do my taxes. I do not have a complex tax situation. I was not pleased at all. I may take my business elsewhere next year.

That evening I stayed in and listened to the K-Rock request show for a while until a friend told me about a Colorado radio station's blues show. I streamed that and loved it. I may make it part of my weekly ritual going forward.

Sunday, before returning to the city, I got a few things at the IGA in Wolfville. They have some amazing deals if you look for them. Meat is always discounted 30% or even 50%. This time I noticed three small packages of scallops at 30% off, making them nearly affordable. I got all three and cooked them when I got home. I also brought back some honey from Wood 'n' hive in Port Williams. It is run by the brother of a girl I went to elementary school with in the 1970's. We had a nice chat. This "girl" is now a doctor, my age of course, who is planning to retire in the next decade. She and hubby just walked across parts of the U.K., as some kind of recreation.

By Sunday night I was dozing off in the chair, so I turned in relatively early.

Today was another work day, because weekends go by far too quickly. I bought a widescreen monitor from a guy this afternoon who didn't want me to go to his place because he didn't want to give out his address. He promised me the monitor worked and sent me some pictures apparently proving it, so I took a chance. When I got it home, I hooked it up to a laptop, and it worked fine. I hooked it up to this computer in my home office, and am pleased to report that it works very well indeed. A nice twenty dollar investment. And it is the same model of monitor that came with this computer when I bought it in 2009! Sort of like old home week.

You are now caught up with my life. In the space of four days, I got the biggest pay cheque of my life, and spent the vast majority of it within 24 hours, but I feel so much better knowing it went to something good for me. I have a savings plan in place to salt away some shekels. Two credit cards will be paid off every month. My CPP and EI premiums are paid off for the balance of 2018. The money freed up by the debt repayments will be saved for things for the house. I like this arrangement a lot.

What will tomorrow bring?

Let's find out!

See you tomorrow.


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