Thursday, May 31, 2018

Post 3720 - Where Have You Been?

Well, hello there, handsome.

I must tell you that I deeply regret not having written much lately. I have not been feeling well. Many a night, it was all I could do to get home, throw some food down my throat, and fall asleep in front of the television. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I am on some new medication which causes some tiredness, but I did not reckon with this much.

I am also dealing with some issues in my private life, which I remain unable to share with you here, yet. One issue in particular has been very time consuming, taking up hours and hours of my waking life outside of work, causing some of the tiredness I mentioned in the second paragraph.

But, this evening, we said the heck with it all. We had a nice dinner at the sushi place on Queen Street, before we went kitty corner to the library, to see the Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash documentary about her life and 1976 murder. We both learned a lot about what happened to her, but were disappointed to learn that the film came out in 2002. In the intervening years there have been several developments in the case to move the file forward, but there has been no follow up documentary film about those developments. The National Film Board has not deigned to fund this project, which is deeply disappointing. I would almost suggest that the filmmaker approach Netflix, because they seem to fund all kinds of things.

Anyway, after the film was over, there was a question and answer, where we learned more. The library was about to close, so we meandered our way up Spring Garden Road, where we ran into an old friend, long retired from our work, and chatted with him for ten minutes or so. We found our way to the car, and drove home.

It was a lovely evening. We don't have enough of them. We will take advantage of more of these free evenings at the library, and other places, and soon.

I have missed writing these blog posts so much. I have missed you. And I have a steady resolve to improve my output, staring in June, which is just a few hours from now.

I big you all a wonderful evening, and I will talk to you soon.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Post 3719 - Friday Night Musings

Hello, my lovelies.

I don't know what hit me Thursday. I got home from work and didn't eat any dinner. By 6:30, I went upstairs, "for a few minutes", to take a nap. I was down for the night.

Slept in this morning. Got up for a bit and returned to bed, not getting up until 10:30. I showered and cooked steak and eggs for us both. But by 1:30, I was dozing off again, so I napped until nearly 4:30.

Not sure what is wrong with me. A malaise. Laziness. I will have to figure it out.

Part of it may have to do with the abrupt cancellation of "Inner Space" on the Space Channel. It was on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, all three hosts: Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman, and Teddy Wilson, along with producers and so on, were marched into a meeting with HR and told their services were no longer required. Bell Media also cancelled Daily Planet over on the Discovery Channel. Two quality programs gone, just like that, with no farewell episodes to say goodbye to fans with.

This news is devastating to genre fans. "Inner Space" was the only Canadian outlet for fans of SF, comics, manga, horror, video games, and related content. It was must see viewing in my house. I even got Patricia into watching it with me several years ago. We are both really gonna miss the show. We are both disgusted with Bell Media over this decision.

It always comes down to money, doesn't it?

Tomorrow we plan a day trip, which I will tell you about tomorrow night. It means we have to get up early, so I think I will turn in. I may be able to find a few more hours of sleep within me.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Post 3718 - Sigh

Sooooo much stuff going on in my life. Looking forward to telling you about it.



Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Post 3717 - Yes!


I'm still alive.

I am terribly sorry I haven't written in the last couple of days. Sunday night, I turned in early. I am not sure why, to be honest with you. I got up relatively early on Sunday, and took a nap in the afternoon. Because naps and Sunday afternoons go together so very well.

Early Monday morning we drove to the Valley. It being the latter part of May, I knew the lawn would need to be mowed, and was I ever right! The little push mower, electric powered, that I got a few years ago from a guy on Kijiji, was barely able to handle the lawn. If the lawn were any larger, it would be overwhelmed. At any rate, with the lawn mower, it took me the better part of the morning. At one point, I stepped into a sink hole or something, and nearly broke my leg. That was fun! Remind me to fill in that hole, soon, will you?

After a few hours of fun at the house, we returned to the city, but not before grabbing a bite at Rosie's in Wolfville. It is one of our favourite pubs. We have never had a bad meal there. We got home around 6:15. After scratching Newbie behind the ears, we pretty much turned in for the evening.

Tonight, I drove home by myself because Patricia is out with the girls. They are seeing "Mamma Mia!" at Neptune Theatre. She texted me during the intermission, reporting that the singing was great, but otherwise the play was kinda ho-hum. Which is about the worst thing you can say about something that is supposed to be entertaining, when you think about it. I mean, if a movie or a play or a book, or a whatever, is boring, it has utterly failed in its goal, hasn't it? You can quibble about aspects of the thing you're supposed to be entertained by; but if at the end of the day, you're bored, then the thing failed you. So, it appears that "Mamma Mia!" at Neptune Theatre, has failed Patricia.

I have spent the last couple hours down here in my home office, working on the next missing persons case article for Frank. I have produced a rough draft, which I will work on some more on Wednesday evening.

I have agreed to pick up Patricia when the show is over. Another late night for us both.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies. I miss you all.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Post 3716 - Sorry

Hi. Sorry I haven't written much lately. It has been all I could do just to make it through the work day, falling asleep in front of Netflix more than a little bit.

I hope to improve in this area, my writing schedule, soon. I just though I'd let you know I'm still alive and out there. But my eyes are heavy and gritty, and I must sleep.

See you as soon as possible.

Miss you all.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Post 3715 - A Blog Post, Two Days In A Row?

I know. I just can't believe it.

I wrote a blog post last night. And, tonight, I am writing another one.

Holy mackerel.

Tonight I got home a bit late. Patricia tells me that Newbie was all over her, until I got home, at which point, he ignored her and pounced on me. The little guy likes his humans.

I brought home a couple slices of pizza this evening. They were from a joint in town that we really used to like a lot. But, lately, it has been like ingesting a salt lick. The pizza was so laced with sodium that my arteries are threatening to go on strike. Where can a fella grab a decent slice of pizza in the Halifax area, anyway?

Tomorrow is Thursday, already. I don't know where the week has gone, but there are only two days left in it before we are off for three days. We are firming up our plans already.

It has been a very long day, and I need some sleep before I can face tomorrow, so I will bid you adieu for the nonce.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Post 3714 - Two Days Later...

Well, darn.

Sorry about that.

I had every intention to write a post last evening, but my body shut down around 8:30. I thought I might wake up in time to write something, but that just didn't happen. When I went to bed, I was down for the count.

Not sure what is hitting us. A case of the blah's. Something we ate. Too much hard work (hah!!). But staying up until even 10pm lately is a challenge. It is now 10:16, and I know I have to hit the hay soon in order to be functional in the morning. Am I getting old? Is that it?


Say, Sobeys has a free shopping bag replacement program. When I bought the used 19" monitor from a guy a few weeks ago, he placed it in a heavy plastic Sobey's shopping bag. It had a big rip in it. We were about to throw it out when we learned that Sobeys replaces such bags for free. We had to go there this evening, to the one one Windsor Street, and they cheerfully replaced the one I got for free, with another one, also gratis. It would have cost us 99 cents to buy it, so there you go. When this one eventually breaks (like, a week from Tuesday), they will replace it again, for free. Just thought you would like to know. You're welcome.

We have two three day weekends coming up. So excited!

I think I will turn in.

And I will try to write something tomorrow night, which will make two nights in a row here. We will have to have a party or something.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Post 3713 - Did You Miss Me?

Well, hello there, people!

I have been dealing with some stuff lately. Not feeling well. Logy. Et cetera. Many a night, I would go to bed very early. An example was Friday night, when I turned in early, but was up early, too. I was on call for work and had to hang around the phone all day. At the same time I was cleaning out the car so Patricia could take old bills and things to the Halifax Shopping Centre where they had a free shredder you could throw such things into. We got rid of two boxes' worth. Lastly, I had to get up early yesterday because I was getting one of those smart water meters installed in the house. I had three reasons to get up early yesterday.

We both turned in early last night.

Today we just lazed around the house. Patricia watched the first episodes of "Genius", about Pablo Picasso. I napped. Cooked salmon on the barbecue. Watched some tv. And decided I should write a blog post to say hello.

I am going to do my best to get this blog back on a regular schedule. I know all 4.7 of you like to know what is going on in my world. Most of the time, the answer is, not very much, as you well know by reading this crap.

Today is Mother's Day. It made me think of my mother, who died in January of 2015. I think of her a lot, maybe too much. She checked out very suddenly as the result of a form of influenza that swept through her nursing home, killing the woman in the very next room to hers, actually. I think of Mom, and I feel sad; but I think of the disrespect accorded to her by people who should have been close to her, and I become angry, so I try not to think about that too much.

My friend A.J. Thomas exhorted the parishioners at the church he runs, and his followers on Twitter, not to assume that Mother's Day is a happy day for everyone. Bless his little heart, because it no longer is for me. I am happy for those who have mothers, and those who are mothers; but we didn't want to go anywhere today because of the palpable reminders of what I have lost in recent years, and what effects they would have on my mental outlook. I will probably feel the same way next month when Father's Day rolls around. There is too much sadness about these two days for me  to enjoy them, even appreciate them, on any real level. Whether this is a function of my advancing years, or signs of a funk I may be in, I am not sure.

Tomorrow morning beckons. Another work week awaits me. I think I will go and take on the day.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Post 3712 - Monday Monday

I will be having an early night tonight. I am showered and shaven and ready to hit the hay.

Newbie has been all over me again this evening. I am not sure if he is depressed or if he thinks I am and is trying to console me. Hard to say.

Patricia has already conked out for the evening. She fell asleep during "Inner Space".

I think I will go join her.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Post 3711 - Casting Pods

I am back home from Jordan Bonaparte's place.

We recorded two upcoming episodes of The Nighttime Podcast. They are discussions of two cases I have written about for Frank. I think they turned out fine, and more importantly, so does Jordan. I look forward to their release so you can let me know what you thought of them.

After we work out a few kinks, of my own mostly, we hope to record three or even four such podcasts in one sitting, to maximize our time.

I'm pretty excited about this. It is extra advertising for my work in Frank, Frank itself, and keeps these stories alive in another medium. And those of you who have complained that my writing is behind a paywall will rejoice in the knowledge that the podcasts can be listened to for free, and can be part of a shared experience where you listen to one of my appearances and then discuss our findings with each other. This is all good. It is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Other than that, my day was average. Slept in. Patricia had a wood working thing all afternoon, so I took that time to do some cleaning up around here and make us a nice steak dinner on the barbecue. The angus beef was really really good, but we have probably both consumed too much beef lately. After we plow through the hamburger in the fridge, we will take a break from it. Maybe we will start barbecuing asparagus or something. Yeah. Asparagus.

It is back to the grindstone on the morrow. Weekends go by too quickly, as I have noted here far too many times.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Post 3710 - Saturday Night Musings

Hello, handsome.

Today was a fairly pleasant day, punctuated by plenty of sleep. Late this morning we went to the semi-annual book sale at the Halifax Forum. It is to raise funds for some music program. Books are quite inexpensive. I got a couple Michael Connelly Harry Bosch novels. I have about two dozen Connelly books now. I really must read one, sometime.

Also got a Stephen Kimber book about life in Halifax during World War II. I already had it, but this one was in paperback and only a dollar. I could not resist. Also got a book called "Bully Pulpit", about Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft" and their relationship.

People misunderstand the term bully pulpit, but it was not at all a bad thing one hundred years ago to have one. Today's perception of the term just speaks to how the language has changed, and continues to change.

I got six pretty good books for less than twenty dollars.

From there we went to a craft store on Hunter Street. We taste tested kimchi. It was more edible than the vile crap Patricia bought in Wolfville recently, so she got it. She also bought me a sampler of ten different razor blades to use in my razor. As you may recall, I only use safety razors now. No more Mach 3 or anything like that. I get perfectly excellent shaves from safety razors. This sampler pack will have subtly different blades in it I can use to decide which I should buy on a go forward basis. The vendor also sold razors to house these blades. I was tempted to get one, as the one I got is a Lord razor I got on Amazon for about 13 dollars. Similar to the one my father had when I was growing up, and which I wish I still had.

Then we went to the local Sobeys and got a few things. We returned home in time to meet our new neighbours. The place next door was on the market for maybe two weeks. Just a few days ago the previous owner, who had used it as rental property for a long time, told me that place had been inspected and the new owners would be moving in "soon". I took "soon" to mean a few weeks. This was a really, really quick sale experience for everyone.

The place next to them was also sold recently. The present owners will be moving "soon" to who knows where. They're the ones who gave me my first computer desk, which I still have here in this home office/library.

Anyway, after I put the food away, I ended up taking a two and a half hour nap. I was beat for some reason. Got up in time to barbecue some dinner. The barbecue's starter is working just fine today. Tonight we watched the rest of "Kill Bill part two" and some other stuff on Netflix. We started to watch "iZombie" until we both realized we did not care about the show any more. We erased the recording and canceled future recordings. We will not miss the show. Will likely do the same thing with "Lucifer" in the near future.

Tomorrow, Patricia has a thing downtown. I will hang back, ostensibly to do some work around the house, but more than likely take a nap. Hell's wrong with me, anyway?

You guys take care of each other. See you tomorrow.


Friday, May 4, 2018

Post 3709 - Friday Night

Hi again, you silly people.

My body shut down pretty early Thursday night, so no blog post. Not that you noticed or anything.

It was a busy day at work. After work, we drove to Dartmouth to go to Gateway Meat Market. Patricia got a lot of stuff and it came to less than sixty dollars. Not even Wal*Mart can compete with their prices.

I barbecued our dinner last night. Chicken breasts. I have noticed that the tank was running low, but since it worked fine I figured it would last a while longer.


Today, we were off. I tried to fire up the barbie around 11:15, but ti would not turn over at all. I could hear the hiss of gas being released into the barbecue, but nothing I did would make it start. The starter is often the first thing to go, but it had worked quite well Thursday night.

Unhappy, I disconnected the tank and drove off. Costco has by far the best price on tank refills. On the way, I went to the Wal*Mart and got a couple of those starter thingies, You pull the trigger, and it produces a momentary flame good enough to start a barbecue, or light a candle, or whatever it is you want to to. Got it just in case the starter on the barbecue was no more good. Then, I went to Costco. After waiting a little while, because there were folks ahead of me, the man filled up the tank. He gave me a sticky note which indicated the price of the fill up, which was less than five dollars. You take the sticky note to a side entrance, pay the amount, and take the receipt back to the guy who had filled the tank. Once he sees the receipt, he gives you your tank back. Pretty easy.

On the way back, I went to the bakery we like in Lakeside and got some scones.

Then, back home, I reconnected everything. The starter was still stubborn, so I broke out  one of the devices I had just purchased at Wal*Mart. After a moment, the barbecue turned over, and I cooked more chicken, and a few hot dogs. They were really good.

So, now, we have a filled-up tank, which cost just over five dollars with tax. The starter cost about the same amount. This all means that we will have the full use of the barbecue for the balance of this season, and it will be really cheap.

We like our barbecue, maybe a little too much. Pants are getting too tight.

Tomorrow morning we will attend the used book sale at the Forum. It is held twice a year. We went six months ago, and things were a bit picked over. Hoping to get some real gems tomorrow. I will let you know what treasures we find!

I think I will turn in. Eyes are bugging out of my head.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Post 3708 - Radio News

More than a few jocks have written, and told me, that they have not made it in the business unless/until they have been fired at least once. Perhaps it is a philosophical approach to no longer being employed, a way to justify to themselves, and their families, why they lost their jobs. I am probably over thinking. Better put:  I say it's spinach, and I say the hell with it.

I have stories of two recent dismissals.

Cub Carson, late of Live 105 in Halifax, and more recently back in Ottawa, has been fired yet again from his radio gig. When a person as talented as Cub loses his job, what does that say about the industry as a whole? What the hell is wrong with the management in Ottawa that they cannot see he's one of the best morning hosts in the country?

And Scott Boyd, who left Cape Breton last year with some fanfare, to become the GM of Grand Prairie's Vista Radio ain't the GM no more. They "parted ways", as the common parlance goes. No doubt Scott will return to Cape Breton now and reunite with his wife and remember the good old days when he was on Breakfast Television every morning. 

A bit off topic, I know; but why do the broadcasting schools like Fanshawe and NSCC Waterfront and all the others, continue to accept students year after year, knowing that there are fewer and fewer jobs, and many of those jobs are entry level, paying crap wages? They may as well go into aluminum siding.

I'm a snarky guy tonight, huh? You'd think I wasn't regular or something. I assure you I am.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Post 3707 - Finally Did It

I bought some shoes after work.

I usually only buy shoes when the ones I am wearing are falling apart. That was the case with the pair of shoes I was wearing recently. I put on another pair, which were also old, and noticed they were past the point of being appropriate to wear. I think I have a third pair of shoes that are likely in the same state.

It was time to buy some new ones.

So, after work, we drove to the Wal*Mart in Bayer's Lake and went to work. In 15 minutes, we found two pairs of shoes suitable to wear to work, and a pair of running shoes to boot. I will proceed to wear them until they are falling apart, whereupon I will purchase yet new ones.

Men are like that.

Women, of course, buy shoes by the score. Women don't wear out shoes. They grow tired of wearing them, after the third week or so, and move on to other pairs.

So, folks at work reading this. Tomorrow I will wear a new pair of shoes. Please compliment me on them. You can not mention my hair just this one time and focus on my shoes. It is all good, brother.

We have been nodding off the last couple of hours. I think I will give into these entreaties and call it a night.

See you tomorrow.