Friday, May 4, 2018

Post 3709 - Friday Night

Hi again, you silly people.

My body shut down pretty early Thursday night, so no blog post. Not that you noticed or anything.

It was a busy day at work. After work, we drove to Dartmouth to go to Gateway Meat Market. Patricia got a lot of stuff and it came to less than sixty dollars. Not even Wal*Mart can compete with their prices.

I barbecued our dinner last night. Chicken breasts. I have noticed that the tank was running low, but since it worked fine I figured it would last a while longer.


Today, we were off. I tried to fire up the barbie around 11:15, but ti would not turn over at all. I could hear the hiss of gas being released into the barbecue, but nothing I did would make it start. The starter is often the first thing to go, but it had worked quite well Thursday night.

Unhappy, I disconnected the tank and drove off. Costco has by far the best price on tank refills. On the way, I went to the Wal*Mart and got a couple of those starter thingies, You pull the trigger, and it produces a momentary flame good enough to start a barbecue, or light a candle, or whatever it is you want to to. Got it just in case the starter on the barbecue was no more good. Then, I went to Costco. After waiting a little while, because there were folks ahead of me, the man filled up the tank. He gave me a sticky note which indicated the price of the fill up, which was less than five dollars. You take the sticky note to a side entrance, pay the amount, and take the receipt back to the guy who had filled the tank. Once he sees the receipt, he gives you your tank back. Pretty easy.

On the way back, I went to the bakery we like in Lakeside and got some scones.

Then, back home, I reconnected everything. The starter was still stubborn, so I broke out  one of the devices I had just purchased at Wal*Mart. After a moment, the barbecue turned over, and I cooked more chicken, and a few hot dogs. They were really good.

So, now, we have a filled-up tank, which cost just over five dollars with tax. The starter cost about the same amount. This all means that we will have the full use of the barbecue for the balance of this season, and it will be really cheap.

We like our barbecue, maybe a little too much. Pants are getting too tight.

Tomorrow morning we will attend the used book sale at the Forum. It is held twice a year. We went six months ago, and things were a bit picked over. Hoping to get some real gems tomorrow. I will let you know what treasures we find!

I think I will turn in. Eyes are bugging out of my head.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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