Saturday, May 5, 2018

Post 3710 - Saturday Night Musings

Hello, handsome.

Today was a fairly pleasant day, punctuated by plenty of sleep. Late this morning we went to the semi-annual book sale at the Halifax Forum. It is to raise funds for some music program. Books are quite inexpensive. I got a couple Michael Connelly Harry Bosch novels. I have about two dozen Connelly books now. I really must read one, sometime.

Also got a Stephen Kimber book about life in Halifax during World War II. I already had it, but this one was in paperback and only a dollar. I could not resist. Also got a book called "Bully Pulpit", about Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft" and their relationship.

People misunderstand the term bully pulpit, but it was not at all a bad thing one hundred years ago to have one. Today's perception of the term just speaks to how the language has changed, and continues to change.

I got six pretty good books for less than twenty dollars.

From there we went to a craft store on Hunter Street. We taste tested kimchi. It was more edible than the vile crap Patricia bought in Wolfville recently, so she got it. She also bought me a sampler of ten different razor blades to use in my razor. As you may recall, I only use safety razors now. No more Mach 3 or anything like that. I get perfectly excellent shaves from safety razors. This sampler pack will have subtly different blades in it I can use to decide which I should buy on a go forward basis. The vendor also sold razors to house these blades. I was tempted to get one, as the one I got is a Lord razor I got on Amazon for about 13 dollars. Similar to the one my father had when I was growing up, and which I wish I still had.

Then we went to the local Sobeys and got a few things. We returned home in time to meet our new neighbours. The place next door was on the market for maybe two weeks. Just a few days ago the previous owner, who had used it as rental property for a long time, told me that place had been inspected and the new owners would be moving in "soon". I took "soon" to mean a few weeks. This was a really, really quick sale experience for everyone.

The place next to them was also sold recently. The present owners will be moving "soon" to who knows where. They're the ones who gave me my first computer desk, which I still have here in this home office/library.

Anyway, after I put the food away, I ended up taking a two and a half hour nap. I was beat for some reason. Got up in time to barbecue some dinner. The barbecue's starter is working just fine today. Tonight we watched the rest of "Kill Bill part two" and some other stuff on Netflix. We started to watch "iZombie" until we both realized we did not care about the show any more. We erased the recording and canceled future recordings. We will not miss the show. Will likely do the same thing with "Lucifer" in the near future.

Tomorrow, Patricia has a thing downtown. I will hang back, ostensibly to do some work around the house, but more than likely take a nap. Hell's wrong with me, anyway?

You guys take care of each other. See you tomorrow.


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