Sunday, May 6, 2018

Post 3711 - Casting Pods

I am back home from Jordan Bonaparte's place.

We recorded two upcoming episodes of The Nighttime Podcast. They are discussions of two cases I have written about for Frank. I think they turned out fine, and more importantly, so does Jordan. I look forward to their release so you can let me know what you thought of them.

After we work out a few kinks, of my own mostly, we hope to record three or even four such podcasts in one sitting, to maximize our time.

I'm pretty excited about this. It is extra advertising for my work in Frank, Frank itself, and keeps these stories alive in another medium. And those of you who have complained that my writing is behind a paywall will rejoice in the knowledge that the podcasts can be listened to for free, and can be part of a shared experience where you listen to one of my appearances and then discuss our findings with each other. This is all good. It is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Other than that, my day was average. Slept in. Patricia had a wood working thing all afternoon, so I took that time to do some cleaning up around here and make us a nice steak dinner on the barbecue. The angus beef was really really good, but we have probably both consumed too much beef lately. After we plow through the hamburger in the fridge, we will take a break from it. Maybe we will start barbecuing asparagus or something. Yeah. Asparagus.

It is back to the grindstone on the morrow. Weekends go by too quickly, as I have noted here far too many times.

See you tomorrow.


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