Friday, June 1, 2018

Post 3721 - Friday Night Ramblings

Hello again.

I almost feel as if the blog is starting afresh, somehow. I have been writing it for more than 10 years now, but this latest break was one I thought I wouldn't come back from.

Anyway, while it is just June 1st, it feels very much like Summer in Halifax. The temperatures were close to 30 degrees today. I didn't have the windows down in the Soul, so it was freakishly hot in there when I hopped in at 4:30. We had decided to have a barbecue for dinner, and nothing was thawed out, so I went to the Superstore across from my work and got some hamburger and some sausages and buns. After we got home, I cooked a full package of the ground beef.

The secret to grilling good hamburgers is to go cheap. If you purchase extra lean ground beef, then you will end up with a disappointing result. The burgers will be dry and flavorless, because there is no fat, and that is where the flavor is. If you buy regular ground beef, which was on sale at Superstore this week, more of the the fat inherit in that meat will drip off in the cooking process, still leaving a much-better tasting patty, because there is still some fat left. And it is two bucks a pound this week at Superstore, so get out there and buy some ground beef already.

We spent some time tonight watching Netflix, but the heat was getting to us. This is going to be a long, dry summer, one where we get on each other's nerves. Can we just switch over to mid-September, right now, please? Thank you very much.

I am not sure what is on tap for the weekend. There is the curb-side giveaway this weekend, where you give away stuff you don't want, drive around to other parts of the community and pick up stuff that others don't want, so you end up with a net increase of stuff in your house when it is all over. I still have an "old-fashioned" cd/DVD holder, about 4 feet tall, that you spin around and insert your discs into the slots built into it. Got it at one of those curb-side things back in... 2014, I think it was. Saw it and lugged it to the car, depositing it in the recroom with every intention of using it. But I never have. Maybe I should re-gift it this weekend.

There is also "Open Halifax" this weekend, where offices and sites usually kept closed to the public, and are open. We have never been.

Not sure what we will do, yet. We may do nothing.

Tell you what. I will make a deal with you. Why don't I tell you what we did tomorrow, tomorrow night?

See you then!


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