Sunday, June 24, 2018

Post 3736 - Sunday Evening


Sorry I didn't write the last few days. Friday night, I turned in relatively early. Saturday I went (by myself) to the Valley to take care of some things down there. Really glad I went. I had a chance to clarify some issues with a couple of folks, issues that I think had to be clarified. It is amazing what a couple of beer can accomplish!

I also had time to take a long nap Saturday afternoon. I sleep well in the city, but there is something about the smell of chicken shit emanating from the henhouse across the street lovely country air that drifts me off to the land of nod. After that meeting i just mentioned, I returned to the house and went to bed.

This morning I received additional information that puzzled me regarding the situation I just mentioned. Patricia and I discussed it this afternoon. She asked me so many questions and brought up so many points that I fear that I became shirty with her. How many ways can I say "I don't know" without resorting to cussing? I nearly found out.

I bought a box of strawberries in Greenwich this afternoon, on the way back to the city. Word of advice: wait a couple of weeks before you buy local strawberries. I did not enjoy paying six dollars for a box of them. They will come down to four dollars before long.  Like that's cheap.

Uh, what else? An ancient laptop I got several years ago booted up this afternoon, but its specifications are so meager that it cannot run all the processes necessary to make it worthwhile. Dropbox does not synchronize on that machine any more. I may have to install Puppy Linux on it, which is an ignoble way for this computer to finish its useful life. Do they even update Puppy Linux any more? Maybe Lubuntu will be a better choice.

Back to work in the morning. Blessed be.

See you tomorrow.


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