Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Post 3742 - How Hot Is It?

It is so hot that..

A. I heard on the news tonight that strawberries are going unpicked in the fields, for lack of labourers. The strawberries are literally cooking in the heat.

B. A police officer was chasing a bad guy in Halifax today. They were both walking.

C. I am stripped down to my skivvies, and I am not ashamed of my body, even though I should be.

D. I only left the house today to roll down the windows in the car, and to get the mail. It was like walking into a blast furnace.

E. We watched tv in the recroom this evening, hoping it would be cooler. It was, if only barely.

F. Newbie looks like he wants to die. He is on the floor of my home office. The tile, I hope, is keeping him a bit cool. Probably isn't.

What are you "It is so hot" lines?

See you tomorrow.


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