Sunday, July 8, 2018

Post 3743 - Did You Miss Me?

It is late on Sunday night at Casa Bevboy. I have had a busy few days.

On Thursday evening, we drove to the cottage, to open the place up for 2018. Yeah. I know. July, and we're opening the place up. Sue us.

We were worried the lawn would be a sight. And it was. But we had seen worse. Friday morning, after breakfast in the town of Pictou, we returned to the cottage and put a battery in the lawn tractor, made sure there was gas in the tank, and were delighted to see the lawn tractor start right up. Patricia mowed the lawn for the first hour. At 10:30, I took over. Other than a quick lunch break at noon, I was out there until the full job was done. I finished around 1:45. Put the lawn tractor away and returned to the cottage. Fifteen minutes later, it rained. Perfect timing!!

Friday night we stayed in and watched a couple movies on the media player we keep up there. Nice having that and a flatscreen tv, to boot.

Saturday morning we went to Tatamagouche to get some breakfast and to check out the farmer's market. We returned to the city mid-afternoon, with victuals from the farmers market and some rhubarb from the cottage. Relaxed last night.

This morning I drove to Jordan Bonaparte's mother's place to record a couple editions of the Nighttime Podcast with him. They are about a couple of vintage unsolved murders. Look for those podcasts to be published in the coming weeks. We will schedule some more recording sessions in a month or two. These casts are popular with his listeners. I have got some good feedback from them, too.

This afternoon we watched some episodes of Poldark on Plex. Patricia hulled the strawberries we got yesterday in Pictou County, and cubed the rhubarb, too. Most of that stuff is resting comfortably in the freezer, with some in the fridge for our consumption.

I also spent some time this evening trying to remember how to do port forwarding on my router. They don't make it easy to do that stuff. I have forwarded ports a couple of times in my life. These people just assume that everybody does that crap, all the time, so I had several false starts before I got it working. I remembered the words of a co-worker. "Just hit it until it works". That's what I did, and eventually, it worked.

We return to work in the morning. These week-long breaks are nice, but they always taste like more. Not sure when I will get some more time off. Soon, I hope.

I think I will turn in. 5:30 comes very early.

See you tomorrow.


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