Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Post 3753 - Two Days Later


I didn't write last night because my body shut down around 6pm. I was down for the evening. I woke up here and there to see if I was still alive, but there was no way I had the gumption to do much of anything. The humidity was kicking me hard.

Today wasn't much better in these here parts. Barely able to breathe  at times, the humidity in this province has made it impossible for me to stay outdoors for long periods of time. I mostly stayed indoors, or in the car with the air conditioning blaring full blast.

After work, Patricia had Pilates class. I killed some time at the Salvation Army store on Strawberry Hill and then drove to the street around the corner from her class and was happy enough to get a parking space. I walked to a nearby pizza place, ate a slice, and returned to the car, where I waited until the class was over. We drove home and I showered and came downstairs.

I have spent some time this evening writing about my friend Holly Bartlett, who was killed in 2010. There is an award being given out in her memory, and I was asked to write a short post about her. I produced a draft and will read it over and send it along during my lunch hour tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my Friday. A three day weekend beckons. Can hardly wait.

Guess I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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