Thursday, July 26, 2018

Post 3754 - Thursday Night Ramblings

Hello again, my lovelies.

I am off on Friday, so it is a three day weekend. Not to be outdone, next weekend is a three day weekend, too, what with the civic holiday then, you know.

We got home from work tonight and I decided to close my eyes "for a few minutes". Next thing I knew, it was 8pm. Patricia was asleep upstairs. I made us something to eat. I paid the young man who mows the lawn for me. And I watched a documentary about the Twelve Tribes religious cult, the same scary religious people who may have spirited away Lyndon Fuller back in 1988 from Berwick, Nova Scotia. People still talk about him, and them, down there.

That was my evening. How was yours?

Tomorrow mornin', we head off to the cottage, unless something more interesting happens here ahead of that. I doubt it. The cottage it is.

You guys have a good evening. I will bark at you soon.


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