Sunday, July 29, 2018

Post 3755 - Sunday Night Recovering

Hello again, my friends.

No trip to the cottage for us this weekend. We remained in the city on Friday, sweltering in the heat, marinating in the sweat that oozed out of our pores. Good times, indeed.

Saturday, Patricia got up early and hopped on Facebook and learned that Tap Root farms in Port Williams was letting folks pick garlic for $7.50 a pound. We like garlic, a bit too much, so we jumped in the Soul and drove down there. We arrived just before noon and Patricia grabbed the pitchfork we had brought and went to work.

I have to admit that I didn't know where garlic came from. I had no idea it was a root, uh, vegetable. After digging up the garlic, you then have to "cure" it, which involves cutting a few inches above the bulb and letting the stock dry until it is like paper. It means that the garlic is then ready to be consumed. But we didn't know what we were doing, so some of the cloves were, uh, cleaved by the pitchfork. Those cloves were cut up and used in tonight's chicken stir fry, and it was incredible, using such ultra fresh garlic.

We dug up just short of 10 pounds of garlic, which seems like a lot, but doesn't look like a lot. Another couple there yesterday were harvesting far more than we were. We figured they have a garlic fetish or they have a restaurant that makes tremendous use of garlic, or they have a problem with vampires.

After checking out the house, and a quick nap, we decided to go to the Sterling's in Greenwich. I ran into a couple of people I knew, including Paulette, who was my sort of boss at the library at Acadia in the 1980's. We also decided to grab some dinner at the Evangeline Inn and Cafe in Grand Pre.

I had not been there since... well, the Summer of 1985 I guess it was, when Paulette and her boss George took me and Mary Dowe there for lunch at the end of us working there for another Summer. Seemed kismet to run into Paulette there, and all signs pointed to a good meal. A friend of Patricia's had eaten there recently and had raved about the place.

What a let down.

We ordered nachos, which cost $16. For that much, we expected nachos to be pretty damned good, but they were competent at best. Insufficient cheese. Too much onion. Not enough tomatoes. Not a large serving.

Patricia ordered a chicken breast burger, which she reported was bland. The lettuce was limp. Some mayo. Maybe a bit of tomato. I ordered the chicken quesadillas, which clearly had come from a freezer and been reheated. The filling was bland and listless. A bit of chicken here and there to justify the name of the item. I was not impressed.

We decided to skip the dessert. We had been disappointed too much already and wanted the much-vaunted pie to remain a mystery. After reading the Robert Borden monument a few meters away, we got in the car and returned home. Patricia, who paid for the meal, was not happy about the food, or the service, and was vocal in expressing her disappointment. We will not return.

Some restaurants are around forever. Sometimes, you have to wonder why. They coast by on their reputation. People go and if they are lucky get a competent meal and eventually forget about the experience and go back again. I am thinking one of those places is the Evangeline Inn and Cafe in Grand Pre. Another one, in my opinion, is the Chicken Burger in Bedford, by the way.

We got a few groceries at the Superstore in Windsor and returned to the city. I took a nap and was pretty much down for the rest of the night.

Today, once again the humidity got to us. We didn't do much. I cooked some chicken that Patricia used in the afore-mentioned stir fry. Watched some tv. And that was our weekend.

How was yours?

Back to reality tomorrow. Weekends go by, far too quickly.

See you tomorrow.


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