Thursday, August 30, 2018

Post 3771 - Thursday Night Melting

So, the humidity returned today, like a bad penny.  Tonight will be another nearly sleepless night.

We have air conditioning at work, if you want to call it that. It means that it is somewhat cooler inside than out, this time of year.

What else is going on? Still can't talk about that major thing, just yet. I am hoping to be able to do so, soon.

Patricia had a very pleasant day, today. She got some potentially good news, which once it is confirmed, I will share with you here.

And... that's all she wrote for today. I need to jump in a lake full of ice cubes to cool off, so if you will excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Post 3770 - Too. Hot!

After 9:30.

Once again, I should be turning in. I did not sleep well last night, what with the humidity and all. Tonight, sweat is pouring off me and collecting in little pools on folds in my flesh. I can't imagine that I smell very good.

The humidity has come back fast and furious. It promised to go away last week, but came back with a vengeance in the last couple of days. They say it may fade off by the weekend, but I am doubtful.

I should have gone to the archives tonight, but Patricia was not feeling very well, likely due to the humidity around these here parts.

I watched two episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries" tonight on my Plex Media Server. I had nearly forgotten how much I had enjoyed that show back in the day. I have very... fond(?) memories of watching the show in my apartment on Green Street in Halifax. The show would often put me in such a spooky mood that I would get up and make sure I had locked the door to the apartment, because you never knew...

There has been talk of reviving the show, but nothing has come of it, at least not yet. I do hope it comes back in some form.

I think I will turn in. Maybe I can get some darned sleep this evening.

Or not.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Post 3769 - Good News(?)

How was your day?

The thing that has been taking a tremendous amount of my time in recent months? It continues to do so. Thanks for asking. Perhaps in a couple or three weeks, I will be able to tell you about it. But... not just yet.

The humidity has come back in full force. In a few minutes I will ooze out of my clothes and go to bed, there to sweat out of every orifice I have, marinating in my own juices until the morning comes, and I have to get up and go to work again. Good times.

Poor Newbie. As a tuxedo cat, his mostly black mane is wilting, and he looks at me in a take-me-out-of-my-misery way, an admixture of helplessness and self pity. I don't have the heart to tell him that I feel exactly the same way.

I think it is time for me to start oozing.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 27, 2018

Post 3768 - Monday Night Stuff

Hello, earthlings.

How was your day? Mine took a bit of a turn mid morning when I got an interesting text from someone regarding an issue that has been taking a tremendous amount of time in recent months. I discussed the issue with Patricia. We both spoke to the person this evening and feel better after that process.

I look forward to sharing this with you as soon as possible.

After work, we went to Costco. We were both craving one of those rotisserie chickens, for eight dollars. We didn't want to take out a second mortgage on the house to pay for dinner at Swiss Chalet, which produces chickens nearly the same as what you can get at Costco. After we ate what we wanted of the bird, I saw a bit of E-Talk, where someone named Awkwafina was given a Costco chicken as a gift because she apparently really likes these chickens. Patricia thought I had read an article about this young lady and felt inspired to get such a chicken. No. No, I didn't. I thought that Aqua Fina  was a brand of spring water, until Patricia pointed out that I was an old fuddy duddy and should learn to spell the names of celebs. Duly noted.

The humidity is back in nearly full force. Sweat is oozing out of my pores and landing on embarrassing parts of my body. It will be another night of difficult sleep.

I have very little else to report. Once again, I regret not telling you about the thing that has been taking up oodles of my time since the early Spring. I look forward to that time, and hope it is soon.

Turning in.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Post 3767 - Where Have I Been, This Time?

Sunday night.


I left work early on Friday afternoon as I had a dental appointment. The hygienist was a miracle worker named Laurie (or maybe it was Lori?). She managed to clean my teeth as if I were a hippo and she was one of those little birds that clean its teeth. Which is a compliment to her and a dig at me.

I only gagged a couple of times.

After that ordeal was over she dragged me over to the area where I could get an x-ray or three. She put that little blanket on me and told me to bite down on this implement designed to torture my mouth. I gagged like nobody's business, but she got her pictures. The last x-ray, I wretched, and nearly vomited on myself.

I got home around 4:15. Picked up Patricia at the bus stop around 5. Went downstairs to my recliner and promptly slept the night away.

Saturday I got up and drove to the Valley to continue to deal with the issue I have been dealing with down there in recent months. I will tell you about it soon, but many of you know anyway. I stayed the night and returned early this afternoon. I had brought back a computer desk so we had fun dragging the pieces out of the car and lugging them upstairs.

Newbie was very glad to see me. At one point, he curled up next to me on the couch and all but fell asleep. Little guy.

Weekend is over, again. Back to reality tomorrow.

And, I will try to write something tomorrow, if only to prove to you I can write a blog post two days in a row.

See you then.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Post 3766 - Thursday Night, Already?

Yeah. It's late.

How was your day? Mine was okay. After work, we went to the Common Roots Urban Farm, where the old Queen's Elizabeth High School used to be. They were having an open... garden. They served a free meal featuring food mostly grown in the garden. My goodness, it was excellent. Potatoes with rice and veggies, along with salad. I sneaked in a second serving!

After that we went to Costco. I stayed in the car while Patricia shopped.

We got home around 7:30. I did the dishes and cleaned out Newbie's litter box before I showered. The two days of beard I had are now gone. I like being smooth shaven. I ran into a guy I used to work with, the other day. He has the tiniest slip of a bear, more like a snail attached to his chin. I wonder how much work is involved in maintaining it? I would just shave the damned thing off. Too lazy, I guess.

Tomorrow is Friday. My plans for the weekend are falling into place. I will tell you about them, when the weekend gets here.

Off to beddy bye.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Post 3765 - Wednesday Night


It is late.

I must turn in soon.

I went to the archives tonight to research a particular missing persons case. I have been working on this case for a year now. Yes. A year. As weird as it sounds, I do not know the name of the missing person, just the year he went missing. I am gradually working my way through every issue of the Herald from that year in question, while I try to find out who this man is, and why he went missing. It is a very perplexing case, one that I have devoted many hours to so far, with nearly nothing to show for it.

After Patricia's Pilates class, we drove home. I was starving. I cut up the turkey breast from last night and nuked it in the microwave, along with some scalloped potatoes. We ate that combination in front of the tv. By 9:30, Patricia toddled off to bed, while I fell asleep in front of the tv.

Because of that nap, I will likely be awake for a while yet.

The exciting life I lead! How can I handle it all? Dare I tell you I read 30 pages of my book during my lunch hour today? Could you withstand that shock?

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Post 3764 - Where Have You Been? We've Been So Worried!

Uh, yeah. About that.

Saturday I was in the Valley taking care of some business, which I will discuss here for the first time in the coming days. This item of business has been taking a tremendous amount of my mental, physical, and psychic energy for months now. I look forward to discussing it with you.

Sunday, upon my return to the city, Patricia and I went to the main Halifax library for the annual event where you take a broken electronic item in your house and volunteers try to fix it. I took in a table top fan that I purchased the first summer I was on my own, so 1988. It was in my apartment on Dahlia Street in Dartmouth, apartment 208. Crazy hot summer that year. I managed to find a fan and got it home and it helped make that summer livable. Over the years, it adorned my apartment on Green Street in Halifax. Of course, for the last quite a few years it has been here in my house.

In the last couple of months, as it oscillated, it made a little noise as it moved back and forth. A little, uh, cracking sound for lack of a better term. When it was not oscillating, it did not make that noise. I figured that while the fan didn't owe me anything after all this time, by the same token, it had earned at least a quick check by someone who knew what they were doing. I had taken the thing apart myself but didn't see anything amiss.

The volunteer took the fan apart more than I had. Peered inside the mechanism and had me look. "Nylon gears", he pronounced. After all these years, they were wearing out. He put it back together and had it oscillate. "That noise is the fan slipping gears", he told me. The cost of fixing the unit, if it was fixable to begin with, was more than buying a new one.

I thanked him for his time. Scooped up the fan. Went to a couple of the vendors, who were giving away some swag. Pencils made from recycled newspapers. Pens with recycled parts in them. A little "green bin" suitable to store those pens and pencils in. Sticky notes. A schedule of what is acceptable to throw out on garbage/recycling days. A nice tote bag.

Patricia had taken in a toaster. The volunteer took it apart and got it working again, after a fashion. He put it back together and it no longer worked. The problem appears to be a magnet that holds the lever down, which causes the toaster to do its thing. The magnet got mis aligned or something in the unit, so the lever will not stay in place, so the toaster will not toast. A shame. It is not that old. We will have to make do with the toaster I got at a thrift store a couple of years ago. It works fine for what it is.

After we left, we grabbed some lunch at the sushi place on Queen Street, across from the library. The sushi place is a franchise and mostly looks it. The sushi was acceptable, vacillating between bland and tasteless. The place further up on Queen Street is 100x times better.

We returned home. I found a power bar and took it downstairs to the laundry room. Plugged it in, above the washing machine. Plugged the phone into the power bar, along with the fan, and then one of my many radios. The fan is in the corner of the laundry room, on a shelf, pressed against the wall, so Newbie would have a very hard time knocking it over. I have it just where I want it (the fan, not Newbie). I permanently turned off the oscillation on the fan and pointed it in the direction of anyone who enters the room. Turned it on. Worked perfectly. With any luck, I hope to get another five years out of that fan, now that I know what it can no longer do. I will probably never run it beyond the slowest speed, too, once again to preserve the motor that much longer.

Sunday night, we watched an episode of "Poldark", and then the pilot episode of "Lodge 49", the latest drama from AMC. The show is about a man in his late 20's, early 30's who is at a cross roads. He has no job and no place to live, so he sleeps on his sister's couch. They are both deeply in debt. Their father just died, and they have lost everything. He ends up joining a fraternal lodge along the lines of the Masons, in an effort to turn his life around. It is a promising show, based on the pilot. I want to see more.

Monday I returned to work. I had a headache most of the day. When we got home, I had to take a nap. I got up after a while and ate something before returning to bed, this time for the evening.

Today, Tuesday, I felt much better. So much so, that I barbecued dinner tonight, a couple of turkey breasts. With some scalloped potatoes and tomatoes, we had a very nice dinner indeed.

Tomorrow is Wednesday already. What fresh fun awaits me? Let's find out, and I will try to tell you about it, tomorrow.

See you then.


Friday, August 17, 2018

Post 3763 - Friday Night Stuff


Didn't write the last couple of nights, for which I apologize. Wednesday night, I was working on my next Frank article until quite late. Thursday night, I was tuckered out and turned in quite early.

Today was my earned day off. I slept in. After I got up, I cooked breakfast for us and then did the dishes. After lunch, we drove over to Princess Auto in Dartmouth. The man who mows the lawn for me in the Valley asked me to pick him up something, and I was only glad to do that. That done, we went to the nearby Good Will store, known as Goodies. They are pulling out of Nova Scotia, alas; and we wanted to see what was left. Everything was 60% off.

I ended up getting a half dozen shirts, a pair of pants, an insulated thingy to hold my lunch at work, and a few books. Everything came to just under $32. Patricia got a similar amount of stuff, and paid about $34.

From there we went to the Chicken Burger in Bedford. We go there a couple of times a year to scratch an itch. I still feel the place is overrated, and has ridden on the coattails of its reputation for decades. People go there in a sense of nostalgia more than anything else. The food was passable. Nothing wrong with it. We may go there again in 2018, but more than likely not.

Returned home around 5pm. Watched a couple episodes of "Dietland" on Plex, and the associated "after show" called "Unapologetic with Aisha Tyler". We love Aisha. The show should resonate with women in the same way that "Dietland" probably will if only they would bother to watch it.

I have plenty of plans for Saturday, which I will tell you about... on Saturday, natch. Have to leave you wanting more.

Have a good evening, my lovelies. See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Post 3762 - Tuesday Night Ramblings

Past ten pm. Will turn in shortly.

Spent the last hour or so, working on my next Frank Magazine cold case article. I will finish writing it Wednesday evening. A murder mystery from... well, quite a few years ago.

How was your day? Mine was okay. The humidity broke for a while today, more so when it rained like a schlock demon mid-afternoon. A guy in my home got caught in the first deluge and came in soaking wet. The rain let up. He stepped out again to go home, and got caught in another rain dump on the way to his car. The very definition of Schadenfreude.

After work, we drove home, and I tried to have a quick nap, to no avail. I got up around 6:30 and cooked some dinner to go along with the corn that Patricia was boiling. After watching last night's "Whose Line" and something else, I came down here and got to work.

You are now caught up, as if you cared.

My work week is half over. Two more days, and then I am off for three. I love these earned days off. They come in mighty handy.

I am gonna turn in. Patricia has Pilates after work tomorrow, so we will be home late.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Monday, August 13, 2018

Post 3761 - A Blog Post, Two Nights In A Row?! Are You Kidding Me?

Title pretty much says it all.

Yeah, how was your day? The humidity in Halifax has reach a nearly tolerable state. The house is still warm tonight. Patricia went to bed early because she was tired. I am up because I am working on an article for Frank before turning in.

Our American neighbour started his return home this morning. I took some pictures of his cottage's new windows and emailed them to him just now because his wife hasn't seen them yet.

After work this evening we drove home and for dinner had some more of the Pictou County pizza we got on Sunday afternoon. There are still two slices of it left. They will be gone-zo Tuesday night.

it is late. I am tired. It has been a long day, and another one awaits me in like seven hours. Calling this blog post short.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Post 3760 - Where Have I Been?

Hello again, my lovelies.

I really should write more often. I feel so awful that I haven't.

Thursday? What did I do on Thursday that made it impossible to write a blog post? Well, I was tired. The humidity is kicking me hard these days. Friday, we had every plan to go to the cottage, but we ended up not going until Saturday morning. We got there around 11:30, and then headed to Tatamagouche to get a few groceries and to attend the farmer's market.

After that, we lay around the cottage a bit before visiting our American neighbour James Taylor, who's beginning the trip to return to his lovely wife in Baltimore on Monday morning. We stayed there for a few hours. He gave me what was my first drink of tequila. I don't remember much after that.

We returned around 9:30 I guess it was. The tequila, a beverage with a taste foreign to me, caused me to lay down, and then go to bed, where I remained until late morning. At one point, I felt I would be ill. No. more. tequila. for. Bevboy!

Mid-afternoon, after we had loaded up the car, we visited James one more time. We stayed for an hour. Learned that the boorish neighbour next door's son is getting married at their cottage this coming weekend, so there will be trespassers traipsing all over our property then. Sigh.

We drove in to Pictou to the Acripole Pizza and got a jumbo pizza. Cost far more than I wanted to pay. We returned to the city, unloaded the car, fed Newbie, and hoed into the pizza and beer. Pictou county pizza is the best.

We return to work in the morning. Shameful where the weekends go, eh wot?

I think I will turn in. Much to do in the morning.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Post 3759 - Short and Sweet


Even though we had a bit of rain around lunch time, the humidity is still dragging me down to the dregs. I am done wringing out my clothing every night. I need to wring out my skin.

People tell us to be quiet, that in a few months, when the weather is colder, that we will look back wistfully on this short period of the  Summer and wish it were still so. I say thee nay, nay, a thousand times nay! I love the cooler weather of early Autumn and yearn for it. It cannot get here soon enough.

We made our way through most of the pilot episode of "Dietland" tonight. Too tired to finish it. What seemed like a neat premise is falling apart in the third act. I am not sure if we will bother watching anything beyond the first episode. Have any of you seen it? Is it worth pursuing?

I am gonna take a cold glass of water and throw it in my face. Maye that will make me feel better.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Post 3758 - Ugh! Part Two

Hello, my lovelies.

The last few days have been interesting to say the least.

Friday I worked all day. Tried to cool my heels Friday night, to no avail. Saturday, we drove to the cottage, not arriving until mid-afternoon.

We saw our cottage neighbour, James Taylor, the same man I interviewed here. James is finally retired from his U.S. civil service job and can spend more time in Nova Scotia, but circumstances have not enabled that to happen. This all means that we have to co-ordinate our schedules if we are to see him each year.

This year he regaled us will stories about David Copperfield, pickled punks and the quest therefor, actor and magician Harry Anderson, his love for New Orleans, and other stuff. Patricia and I managed to get a word in here and there; but each phrase out of our mouths was just a launching point for another JT story. By 10pm, nearly five hours at his cottage, we were exhausted and returned to our own cottage, a short distance away.

I had developed a headache throughout the day. I had been up since very early that morning. So I turned in while Patricia watched some stuff on tv. And... I pretty much didn't get up until late Sunday afternoon. I got what we call cottage sickness, characterized by an inability to get too much sleep. I did get up, eventually, and watched some tv with Patricia before returning to bed at midnight.

Monday was a holiday in these here parts. We returned to the city mid-afternoon, picking some blueberries along the way. Last night we sweltered in the house, Patricia reminding me over and over how we need to get AC in the house, or a heat pump, or both. Next year, I promise.

And we returned to work today. Tonight, we watched some stuff on tv.

It is nearly 11:30. I need to get up in about six hours.

I am sorry I haven't written much lately. The weather has been so draining of my resources that it is all I can do to get through my work day before coming home and collapsing in a heap of sweat.

I will try to write more frequently on a go forward basis.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Post 3757 - Ugh!

Three days later, the humidity is still kicking my arse.

Tuesday night. What did I do Tuesday night? Went to Kent after work and bought some semi transparent stain for the day when I work on the front deck, side steps and back steps. Not until the weather cools off a titch.

Wednesday night I cooled my heels while Patricia had her Pilates class. After that, we picked up some of the really expensive litter for Newbie, the kind of litter I would use without compunction. Only the best for my kitty. And me, if necessary.

Patricia is taking a couple of days off work. I got home tonight and took a long nap while she did the same. When I got up, I grilled a few hamburgers because I love the heat so much. Enjoyed a nice cold beer and am trying to keep cool.

People are telling me to get through this weather because in a few months it will be cold and nasty. I can handle cooler weather just fine. It is this extreme heat and humidity that I cannot abide. Sue me.

Think I will turn in. I have found if I sleep at a certain angle with the fan blowing in on me at a certain speed, I can get some rest for a few minutes at a time.

See you tomorrow.