Thursday, August 2, 2018

Post 3757 - Ugh!

Three days later, the humidity is still kicking my arse.

Tuesday night. What did I do Tuesday night? Went to Kent after work and bought some semi transparent stain for the day when I work on the front deck, side steps and back steps. Not until the weather cools off a titch.

Wednesday night I cooled my heels while Patricia had her Pilates class. After that, we picked up some of the really expensive litter for Newbie, the kind of litter I would use without compunction. Only the best for my kitty. And me, if necessary.

Patricia is taking a couple of days off work. I got home tonight and took a long nap while she did the same. When I got up, I grilled a few hamburgers because I love the heat so much. Enjoyed a nice cold beer and am trying to keep cool.

People are telling me to get through this weather because in a few months it will be cold and nasty. I can handle cooler weather just fine. It is this extreme heat and humidity that I cannot abide. Sue me.

Think I will turn in. I have found if I sleep at a certain angle with the fan blowing in on me at a certain speed, I can get some rest for a few minutes at a time.

See you tomorrow.


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