Sunday, August 12, 2018

Post 3760 - Where Have I Been?

Hello again, my lovelies.

I really should write more often. I feel so awful that I haven't.

Thursday? What did I do on Thursday that made it impossible to write a blog post? Well, I was tired. The humidity is kicking me hard these days. Friday, we had every plan to go to the cottage, but we ended up not going until Saturday morning. We got there around 11:30, and then headed to Tatamagouche to get a few groceries and to attend the farmer's market.

After that, we lay around the cottage a bit before visiting our American neighbour James Taylor, who's beginning the trip to return to his lovely wife in Baltimore on Monday morning. We stayed there for a few hours. He gave me what was my first drink of tequila. I don't remember much after that.

We returned around 9:30 I guess it was. The tequila, a beverage with a taste foreign to me, caused me to lay down, and then go to bed, where I remained until late morning. At one point, I felt I would be ill. No. more. tequila. for. Bevboy!

Mid-afternoon, after we had loaded up the car, we visited James one more time. We stayed for an hour. Learned that the boorish neighbour next door's son is getting married at their cottage this coming weekend, so there will be trespassers traipsing all over our property then. Sigh.

We drove in to Pictou to the Acripole Pizza and got a jumbo pizza. Cost far more than I wanted to pay. We returned to the city, unloaded the car, fed Newbie, and hoed into the pizza and beer. Pictou county pizza is the best.

We return to work in the morning. Shameful where the weekends go, eh wot?

I think I will turn in. Much to do in the morning.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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