Monday, August 13, 2018

Post 3761 - A Blog Post, Two Nights In A Row?! Are You Kidding Me?

Title pretty much says it all.

Yeah, how was your day? The humidity in Halifax has reach a nearly tolerable state. The house is still warm tonight. Patricia went to bed early because she was tired. I am up because I am working on an article for Frank before turning in.

Our American neighbour started his return home this morning. I took some pictures of his cottage's new windows and emailed them to him just now because his wife hasn't seen them yet.

After work this evening we drove home and for dinner had some more of the Pictou County pizza we got on Sunday afternoon. There are still two slices of it left. They will be gone-zo Tuesday night.

it is late. I am tired. It has been a long day, and another one awaits me in like seven hours. Calling this blog post short.

See you tomorrow.


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