Friday, August 17, 2018

Post 3763 - Friday Night Stuff


Didn't write the last couple of nights, for which I apologize. Wednesday night, I was working on my next Frank article until quite late. Thursday night, I was tuckered out and turned in quite early.

Today was my earned day off. I slept in. After I got up, I cooked breakfast for us and then did the dishes. After lunch, we drove over to Princess Auto in Dartmouth. The man who mows the lawn for me in the Valley asked me to pick him up something, and I was only glad to do that. That done, we went to the nearby Good Will store, known as Goodies. They are pulling out of Nova Scotia, alas; and we wanted to see what was left. Everything was 60% off.

I ended up getting a half dozen shirts, a pair of pants, an insulated thingy to hold my lunch at work, and a few books. Everything came to just under $32. Patricia got a similar amount of stuff, and paid about $34.

From there we went to the Chicken Burger in Bedford. We go there a couple of times a year to scratch an itch. I still feel the place is overrated, and has ridden on the coattails of its reputation for decades. People go there in a sense of nostalgia more than anything else. The food was passable. Nothing wrong with it. We may go there again in 2018, but more than likely not.

Returned home around 5pm. Watched a couple episodes of "Dietland" on Plex, and the associated "after show" called "Unapologetic with Aisha Tyler". We love Aisha. The show should resonate with women in the same way that "Dietland" probably will if only they would bother to watch it.

I have plenty of plans for Saturday, which I will tell you about... on Saturday, natch. Have to leave you wanting more.

Have a good evening, my lovelies. See you tomorrow.


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