Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Post 3765 - Wednesday Night


It is late.

I must turn in soon.

I went to the archives tonight to research a particular missing persons case. I have been working on this case for a year now. Yes. A year. As weird as it sounds, I do not know the name of the missing person, just the year he went missing. I am gradually working my way through every issue of the Herald from that year in question, while I try to find out who this man is, and why he went missing. It is a very perplexing case, one that I have devoted many hours to so far, with nearly nothing to show for it.

After Patricia's Pilates class, we drove home. I was starving. I cut up the turkey breast from last night and nuked it in the microwave, along with some scalloped potatoes. We ate that combination in front of the tv. By 9:30, Patricia toddled off to bed, while I fell asleep in front of the tv.

Because of that nap, I will likely be awake for a while yet.

The exciting life I lead! How can I handle it all? Dare I tell you I read 30 pages of my book during my lunch hour today? Could you withstand that shock?

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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