Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Post 3770 - Too. Hot!

After 9:30.

Once again, I should be turning in. I did not sleep well last night, what with the humidity and all. Tonight, sweat is pouring off me and collecting in little pools on folds in my flesh. I can't imagine that I smell very good.

The humidity has come back fast and furious. It promised to go away last week, but came back with a vengeance in the last couple of days. They say it may fade off by the weekend, but I am doubtful.

I should have gone to the archives tonight, but Patricia was not feeling very well, likely due to the humidity around these here parts.

I watched two episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries" tonight on my Plex Media Server. I had nearly forgotten how much I had enjoyed that show back in the day. I have very... fond(?) memories of watching the show in my apartment on Green Street in Halifax. The show would often put me in such a spooky mood that I would get up and make sure I had locked the door to the apartment, because you never knew...

There has been talk of reviving the show, but nothing has come of it, at least not yet. I do hope it comes back in some form.

I think I will turn in. Maybe I can get some darned sleep this evening.

Or not.

See you tomorrow.


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