Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Post 3774 - A Tuesday Off Work

After ten.

Back to work in the morning. Four day Labour Day weekend for Bevboy coming to a close.

This morning I went to Value Village to drop off a car full of stuff we no longer needed. So much stuff that had accumulated over the years. The guy ahead of me who was dropping off stuff of his own had a trunk full of what appeared to be vintage vinyl recordings. I did not want to see what musical genres were represented in the donation. Some things are better not to know.

After I returned to the house, we started watching episodes of "Mr. Mercedes", a program that diverted us for most of the afternoon.

While I am returning to work in the morning, Patricia is off for the balance of the week. There is much work to be done at the house, and she says she will take a good stab at it.

So much to do, here and in other places. Getting too old for this... stuff.

See you tomorrow.


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