Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Post 3775 - Halifax Matters


Patricia took a vacation day today, and will take one on Thursday as well. Found stuff to throw out, and other things to shred. This evening I found the minutes from the November 7, 1991 Toastmasters club where I first showed up as a guest. Then, the following week, I joined,and found the minutes of that meeting, too. Also found the minutes from the meeting in early 1992 where I did my first speech.

Keeping those minutes.

The rest are going out in recycling next week.

Hate throwing out history, but there is no room in the house for that stuff, especially with more things coming here and soon.

Patricia will be doing more of the same tomorrow while I return to my day job.

Can't wait for this process to be over.

See you tomorrow.


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