Sunday, September 16, 2018

Post 3778 - Uh....

Yes. I am still among the living.

Sorry I haven't written the last several days. Wednesday night, I turned in early. Like, really, really early. Thursday night, I had a Frank Magazine deadline. Friday night, once again, I turned in early.

Saturday, I went to the Valley and stayed the night. At the house, the internet connection was indescribably bad. It is usually fine, easily enough to watch Netflix while I am surfing the web; but yesterday, and even into Sunday, it barely worked at all. Emails would squeak on to my phone, but when I tried to open them up, it would complain of their being no internet connection. The router would indicate by turns that there was such a connection, and then go "red" to indicate that it was just kidding around with me. Like I said, it is usually fine. I hope it was just an anomaly.

I came back to the city this morning and spent the day goofing off and enjoying the day with Patricia and Newbie. Newbie really missed me. He is being coy and standoffish, but staring at me the whole time. Little guy likes to play hard to get.

Patricia reported an issue with Newbie that got me a bit worried. He usually jumps from the floor to the sink to get a drink of water; but in the last few days he is a little hesitant to do just that. He is now 12. He used to jump and run all over the place. He would leap up on top of cupboards and stare down at us. He stopped doing that a couple of years ago. I know he is getting on a bit. I just don't to think about him, you know, going downhill or anything.

Newbie has already outlived Cindy Clawford. We put her down four years ago now, when she was about 11. She had been in failing health for some time. I am now starting to wonder if Newbie is on a similar slow decline. I hope not. I like the little guy.

Gee, this is a mawkish blog post, isn't it?

No Frank Magazine deadline this week, so I can breathe a bit. Happy about that.

I am going to turn in but not before promising you that I will write tomorrow night, and the night after, and the night after that. Maybe not the night after that, though. I'll tell you about those plans later.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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