Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Post 3780 - Another Blog Post? Already?! Go On With Your Bad Self!!

Pretty much says it all.

Yes. Another blog post so soon. What is up with me, anyway?

How was your day? After work, I drove to the Archives and researched my next unsolved murder article for Frank Magazine. Found several articles. I am also trying to track down family members of the deceased person. I have been told by one source that they don't want to talk to anyone about the murder, which was so long ago. They want to move on with their lives. I do not understand that at all. I will try to get them to talk to me, but if they don't want to, it will not stop me from writing an article.

We got home. Watched an episode of "Better Call Saul". Patricia went to bed and I came down here to the home office.

Trying to firm up plans for the weekend. Would love to have a day of relaxation. I have nearly forgotten what that feels like. We really need a vacation. I have barely touched my vacation days this fiscal year. I nearly lost a bunch of days this past fiscal year and don't want that to happen again.

No. I didn't read anything more in the Mike Hammer book today. Did you see The Girl Hunters film, starring Mickey Spillane, playing his own character, Mike Hammer? Hmm? Well, did you?

I am going to turn in. Another long day beckons, seven hours from now.

See you tomorrow.


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