Saturday, September 22, 2018

Post 3782 - Saturday Night Sleep-Deprived

Well, hello there, handsome.

A guy at work, who reads this blog, told me the other day that his own "body shut down" the other night, an obvious reference to how often I tell you that I went to bed early and slept the night away.

That's pretty much what happened Friday night, I'm afraid. After work, I picked up Patricia at her work. We parked on Morris Street and walked to the new location of Dust Jacket Books, in the Historic Farmer's Market building. I bought a couple of the Walt Longmire novels by Craig Johnson. We really miss that show, but I knew it was based on Johnson's series, which is ongoing.

We decided to grab a quick dinner at Cheelin's next door. One of the better Chinese restaurants in the city, on the list of the top restaurants in the city. I am not sure if I would go that far, but I sure do like the egg rolls and dumplings and "Saturday noodles", so that is what we ordered.

We walked around the waterfront for a spell before returning to the car. We drove home and I turned in early.

This morning we got up relatively early as there was a "trucker's breakfast" at the Trinity United Church in Timberlea. For eight dollars you get eggs and bacon and sausages and baked beans and toast and hash browns and then a couple of pancakes. Wash it all down with a choice of juice, and coffee or tea. We partook.

We waddled to the car and drove downtown. Patricia was getting her hair done. I was off to the Archives for a few hours of cold case research. To some people it would look like the most boring thing ever, but to me it is rewarding and even fun. Anything but boring. The hours fly by. Even when I don't find much, and feel a bit discouraged, I still find things that can be used for other articles at other times.

I felt that way today. I was researching a particular unsolved murder, and found very little. But I did find other articles that I have safely stored on my dropbox and will use them for something else, some other time.

Patricia's hair was done by 1:10 or so. I picked her up on Spring Garden Road. We decided to check out the Starbucks at Bayer's Lake, the one just off the Bay Road. It has been there for, what, eight years or so, but we had never set foot in the place.

A couple of expensive and frothy drinks later, we decided to drive to Otis and Clementine's in Tantallon. It is a pretty fun used bookstore. I found a couple more Waltmire books but didn't get the. Saw some very choice horror books but didn't get them. Saw a very nice hardcover about the life of Bruce Dickson, best known as the lead singer of Iron Maiden. But I didn't want to pay 30 dollars for a used hard cover of a book that will likely hit the remainder bins before the holidays.

We went up the street to the meat market in Upper Tantallon. Caviccini's, or something like that. Very hard to spell. And the pronunciation is open to interpretation. But the food was fine. I had the smoked meat sammich. Patricia had the soup of the day, veggies with some kind of sausage. On the way out, she got some sausages, which we put in the freezer when we got home.

I took a long nap, and got up in time to watch a movie on the telly. Now it is past midnight, Sunday morning technically, and about to turn in again.

Sunday is about house cleaning. I sure am looking forward to that.

See you tomorrow.


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