Monday, October 8, 2018

Post 3788 - Vacation Time

First of all, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone.

We didn't do much today. Slept in like crazy. I spent much of the afternoon and quite late into the evening, working on my next article for Frank Magazine. I just filed it about 40 minutes ago. It is not a true crime piece. Something a little different that I hope you will like. I will announce the subject of the article over the weekend.

I wanted to get it done a little early so I could enjoy the next several days of vacation. We will be at the cottage with spotty and sporadic internet coverage, so blog posts will be, um, spotty and sporadic until the weekend. Sorry about that.

We are nervous about going to the cottage. We haven't been there since August. The lawn was shaggy then. It will be that much worse now. I can only imagine how exasperated the trespassers will be with us, since we have inconvenienced them and made their trespassing problematic.

We have been neglecting the place. I will have to spend the better part of a day mowing down there, and I do not look forward to it, even though the lawn tractor does most of the work. I get hay fever something fierce. I take some of those allergy pills, which work, but they knock me out for 18 hours after I am done the job. Sleeping is nice, but not for that long.

I am calling it a night. It's a night.

See you soon.


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