Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Post 3793 - Two Days Later...


So, I didn't write Monday evening. My body shut down around 9pm, so I went to beddy bye.

After work last night, we went to Mexicali Rosas on Spring Garden Road. We nearly didn't go in, but it was close to the library and we didn't want sushi again so soon. We had had a couple of sub par meals there over the years and decided not to go back, but once again, it was close to the library and we didn't want sushi, and didn't want to walk that far, either. Why aren't there more pubs on Spring Garden Road, anyway? But I digress.

We decided to order the fajitas. They came out, sizzling, like they always do. We wanted the chicken based ones. Plenty of veggies and guac and refried beans to add to the wraps. We stuffed ourselves and loved every bite. I will not say these are the best fajitas in town, but they are the best I can think of at the moment.

We waddled around the downtown before going to the library, there to see Ms. Kayla Hounsell discuss the release of her true crime book, "First Degree", about the Taylor Samson murder and subsequent William Sandeson trial.

I will confess that I only casually followed the trial, but I was in the minority. There were Facebook pages devoted to every twist and turn. The nightly news discussed the latest developments, with Kayla providing many of them. When I learned that Kayla would be doing a book on the murder, after she had been writing about it for so long, I thought this might be a pretty good book. She revealed last night that her employer at the time, CTV, was not supportive of her doing the book. Whether it was because they didn't want her to moonlight, or that it would be a conflict of interest, or what, I don't know. She solved that little problem by quitting her job and devoting her time to writing the book before landing a new (and much better) job at the CBC. That new job was interfering with her deadlines, so she buggered off to Mexico for a couple of weeks, writing by the pool for 12 hours a day. That is dedication.

I have a lot of respect for Kayla Hounsell. Despite the couple of typo's I have found in the book, I know that they are not her fault. (One of those typo's is in the first sentence on page one, but what can you do?) So far, having read the first couple of chapters, I find the book pretty gripping. I am sure lots of information will be revealed in the tome that has never seen the light of day. She even provides a theory as to what happened to Taylor Samson's body, which has never been found.

After she spoke, Kayla was signing book for the public. I was the second in line. We exchanged a few pleasantries. Patricia asked a question. We excused ourselves and left.

We milled around the room in the library where Kayla was speaking. It was a who's who of local media,with folks from Global, CTV and CBC there. A retired politician recently caught up in the #MeToo thing was there and asked a question of Kayla. Steve Murphy was hugging everyone in a skirt. Cindy Day looked like a man dressed up like Cindy Day.

It was a good evening, Monday night. But by the time we got home, driving through the darkness, through the rain, through the breeze, I had a tension headache. After playing back the news, I turned in early, which is why you didn't get a blog post last night.

Today was much better. No headache. After work, we got some food and came home and ate some of it. We watched three episodes of the new Sabrina series on Netflix. It is a show sure to infuriate any Christian who doesn't accept that it is fictional. We love it.  Two more episodes to go in what they call "Part One".

Tomorrow, Hallowe'en, is up in the air. After the debacle of several years ago, we no longer give out candy. We either go out to a movie or come home, turn out the lights and watch tv. Which one we do, we are not sure yet.

It is nearly 11pm. I need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow, if you dare.


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