Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Post 3794 - A Day Later...

Two blog posts in a row? What? Really? You mean, you wrote a blog post Tuesday night? And here you go, just a day later, there is another blog post? Are you joshing me?

No. I am not joshing you.

How was your day?

I have got some comments about Cindy Day. You know, how I said last night that Cindy Day looked like a man dressed up as Cindy Day. One guy wrote me on Twitter and told me that he had been blocked by Cindy Day, and didn't know why. Another guy wrote me, but I cannot find the message this evening to save my life. Perhaps I imagined it in a fevered dream or something.

Hey, we had a potluck lunch at work today. I was at a loss as to what to buy. I went to the Superstore at 11am and found a veggie tray and got that. The best part? It was half price. All my Scottish ancestors were rejoicing. Sean Connery gave me an attaboy. The ghost of Pierre Trudeau, who was according to one writer "breathtakingly parsimonious", will likely visit me in my dreams tonight.

There was  a lot of food there today. Meatballs. A couple macaroni dishes. Chicken nuggets from the Burger King across the street. Some noodles. Desserts. One dessert was multi-coloured cupcakes with syringes sticking out of them. The syringes contained "blood" (strawberry jam), which you could "inject" into the cupcake. What kind of mind thinks of that kind of thing? And will she marry me if things don't work out with Patricia and me? Just hedging my bets.

After work we drove home in traffic artificially heavy because everyone wanted to go home and take their kids out trick or treating. We got home around 5:45. We made sure the lights were off. I came downstairs; Patricia went upstairs. We don't "do" Hallowe'en any more, ever since the great comicbook controversy of 2011 or so.

As I likely told you about at the time, I was giving out comics for years without incident. Kids loved them. One busybody parent objected to the material and fomented rebellion with other busybodies on Facebook. I was fearful they were going to grab their pitchforks, right after they got their pearls and clutched them, knock down my door and drag me off into the night. Absolutely venomous comments. So we quit giving out comics and anything else on October 31st. We are done.

Anyway, I came down here and answered some Frank emails and Facebook messaged with a source for a potential upcoming article. Watched some murder-related stuff on Youtube. Just marked time until 8:15 or so, when it seemed that the kids would all have gone home.

We each had a sammich and watched an episode of "Sabrina". Just one more to go in this miniseason. Show gets better and better. Check it out, lazybones.

Tomorrow is Thursday, already. Where do the days go, anyway?

I think I will turn in. Patricia has Pilates tomorrow, so we will be home late.

See you then.


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