Thursday, November 22, 2018

Post 3800 - Post 3800

Welcome, sort of, to post 3800!

As I have noted before, over the past 11 years, I have lost count of what the actual post number was. I would forget the previous number and therefore the next one (or next several!) would be incorrect. By the time I discovered my error, I would have to decide what to do regarding the numbering. It is all very confusing, and something I don't wish to discuss at this late hour.

The Black Friday flyers arrived sometime over night. I spent time this morning and this evening poring over them and have jotted down some things to get, in addition to what I wrote about last evening. Like, I can only find a few pliers here and in the Valley house. Either Dad only had a few of them and used them for decades, or there is a stash of them down there somewhere that I have never found. Meanwhile, Canadian Tire has a set of pliers for $30, so I may invest in them. They also have a Master Craft power bar for $10, a sharply-reduced price. I'm told that the Master Craft line is manufactured by Dewalt, which is a terrific name.

I may also buy a solid state drive for this computer. The one in this machine is 128GB, which should be plenty for the OS. But my dropbox folder is gradually taking over the world, so I may have to get a bigger drive to accommodate it. Best Buy has a 500GB one for $100.

Still thinking about getting an RCA tv. People have been writing to tell me that RCA is now a generic brand taken over by manufacturers in China or wherever, where they slap the RCA label on whatever potential piece of junk they're slapping together. I get that. But the RCA tv's I have, all have a magnificent picture. And maybe I'm naive, but why would Loblaw's bring in, what, tens of thousands of these televisions across the country and sell them this cheaply if they were all junk and subject to disappointed consumers returning them en masse? It would reflect poorly on Loblaw's, or Canadian Tire, or whomever. So, I'm not sure what to think, other than, if I buy one, to keep the receipt close to my heart.

Also still thinking about getting that Amazon Fire tablet, too. $70 at Superstore. The reviews are quite good. The low-end Samsung tablet I got a few years ago is practically useless to me. Slower than dirt.

So much to consider. So much I can justify.

I think I will turn in and think about it all.

Likely won't be able to write a post on Friday. Back at 'er on Saturday.

See you then.


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