Monday, November 26, 2018

Post 3802 - A Nice Lunch...

We got up a bit late this morning. Cooked breakfast but didn't have any lunch prepared. Normally I trudge over to Superstore on Young Street to get some overpriced tasteless product. Or I go to the Italian Market to get an overpriced tasty product. Or to Burger King, to get an underpriced tasteless product. Or go to Burrito Jax to get a tasteless product that is relatively good for me, although I'd rather eat cardboard. Or go to the Metro Deli, which is sort of the Goldilocks of nearby places to eat. Good food at a good price.

But not today. I walked up Young Street, past the places I mentioned. Not sure where to go. I recalled having two meals at the Lion's Head last week and contemplated going there again. But then I saw this place, and decided to check it out.

It was a very nice, clean establishment, in an apartment building that rose from the ashes of one of Bill Mont's old buildings a year or so ago. Street-level retail that seems to be fully occupied.

I found out that one could order a soup and sandwich combo, with a can of pop or tea or coffee, for $8.50, I think it was. The soup of the day was minestrone, not exactly my favourite. But it was a cold day, and a day, therefore, for soup.

The sandwich I chose was chicken pesto. It was fine. More than fine, actually. And the can of Pepsi was.. a can of Pepsi. But the soup! Spicy, zesty, thick. Plenty of pasta and veggies lurked below the surface.

I loved the soup.

I told the owner, Rami, who gave me the above business card, how much I had enjoyed the soup, even though minestrone soup is not something I crave. He thanked me and told me with some pride how much effort they put into producing their soup every day. He listed the kinds of soups they prepare. One of them is Italian Wedding, a soup I like even less than minestrone. But I told him that if the Italian wedding was even half as good as the minestrone, that it must be good indeed.

I returned to work, with a skip in my step, and faced the afternoon with renewed vigour.

After work, we went to Clayton Park and grabbed some food from the Cheesecurds outlet by the RBC. Had never been there. Had a couple of really nice tacos.

We returned home. I washed some dishes and started some work on my next Frank article.

I keep thinking about that minestrone soup, though. I can't wait to go back and get some more.

I may even settle for Italian Wedding.

See you tomorrow.


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