Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Post 3803 - Two Days Later

Well, I didn't write on Tuesday night because a friend of mine died Monday evening. Her death very much put things into perspective. Complaining about much of anything is trumped by something this serious.

Anyway, I have worked the last two days. I went to the Archives for a couple of hours after work to research a missing persons case from a very long time ago. I had hoped, perhaps naively, that there just might be something there. But the newspaper holdings from that time period are so poor that the date of the person's disappearance is not represented.

A local writer, the better part of twenty years ago, managed to write 1000 words or so about the case. I have a copy of that article. But I need some vintage articles.

I will even tell you what the case is. What the heck? I have mentioned it on my Facebook. It is about a man named John McDonald who in November of 1846 stepped out of his house at 95 King Street in Dartmouth, and was never seen again. That house to this day is known as the Dartmouth Mystery House. It is for sale, by the way.

If you know anything about the disappearance of John McDonald, or can point me to some articles or to someone who has some information about the case then let me know. Best bet is to write me here. I guarantee anonymity if you ask for it.

After all that crazy fun, we drove out to the Mission Mart in the new part of Bayer's Lake. It's the new thrift store, where every cent after their operating costs goes to the Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission. Unlike Value Village, it is non-profit. I have a bunch of books and DVD's and other stuff I can donate to them, and I will.

But Patricia was looking at some stuff, so I wandered over to the handbags and luggage. I saw a black bag, masculine, that looked as if it would hold the binder I use for my Frank work. Most bags are either too girly, or too large by far, or too small by a mite. I went out to the car and retrieved the binder and it fit very nicely in the bag. Whereupon, Patricia snatched the bag from me and proceeded to the cash. I guess I will be getting it for Christmas.

The bag I have been using is threadbare. It is actually a swag bag from an event I attended a year and a half ago and doesn't owe me anything. This "new" one is in very good condition and far more robust than the one I am using now, and cost very little. I am looking forward to receiving the bag for Christmas next month. I will try to look surprised!

I have a long day again tomorrow, so I need my shut eye.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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