Thursday, November 29, 2018

Post 3804 - The Weekend Is Here! (For me)

Thursday night, and late.

I have spent the last hour incrementally changing a minor aspect of one of my research aids for my Frank work. For a couple of years I was old school: took a sheet of looseleaf and draw a little table with a pen and ruler with column headings for newspaper and date range and microfilm number and whether I had found something. Worked fine. Nothing wrong with this approach.

I decided to automate it a bit a few days ago. I went into a couple of different word processors and created tables. Then I just changed headings, and added shading, and made small incremental changes that if I showed them to you, you would think that perhaps I needed a vacation and a long nap. Which I do, come to think of it.

The upshot is that I believe I have simplified my research a little bit. The time I spent messing around with these tables will eventually pay for itself.

In theory.

Off work on Friday. My weekend dance card is filling up quickly. Friday and Saturday are nearly chock a block. Hoping to be able to slow down a titch on Sunday.

I am going to turn in. Been a long day, and there's plenty awaiting me tomorrow.

See you tomorrow or Saturday.


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