Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Post 3856 - Another Two Days Later!

Hello there, you little devils.

By this time tomorrow morning, I will have been to work for two hours or so. Back to work. Back to the grindstone.

I cannot tell you that I have enjoyed the last 10 days. Having water seep into the house will do that to a person. But the second dehumidifier is doing its job quite nicely. The air doesn't feel nearly as damp as it did just three days ago, which is a big bonus.

No word from the insurance company. The next big thing is to pay the company that comes by on April 8th, to fix the cracks in the foundation.

Patricia returned to work this morning. I drove here there, and then grabbed some food to cook for dinner tonight. I installed a bulletin board in Patricia's home office, using a cordless drill, some plastic anchors, a hammer, and some screws. I used eight sets of plastic anchors and screws. Nothing short of an earthquake will jar that thing loose.

I have to get up early tomorrow. I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Post 3855 - What? Another Sigh? Get On With Your Bad Self?

Yeah, so not much new to report.

Spent Sunday resting, more or less. Today, we were both doing some preparation for the upcoming work that the insurance company will authorize here in the downstairs of Casa Bevboy. Awaiting a bunch of boxes into which we will pack things that live down here so they can be spirited away to the storage facility that the company keeps for such things.

Then the real fun begins. A few months of not having a bottom floor, of not having laundry facilities, of only having one washroom. And not at all sure what the internet connection will be like, as that is housed downstairs, too. It will not be a fun time.

I am off work until Thursday. I am actually looking forward to it. This has been the worst.vacation.ever.

I am going to turn in. Lots more of today, happens tomorrow.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Post 3854 - Sigh Again

Four days later...

There is still quite a bit of water under the steps. The dehumidifier has been running non stop for days now. It doesn't owe me anything and can crap out at any time if it wants to. I have owned it for years and years and it was old when I got it.

The insurance adjuster guy was here on Friday. He says my policy covers this kind of damage. So that is a yay.

I have booked a company to insert some kind of substance into the cracks in the foundation to repair said cracks. After that is done, the insurance company will wait for a couple of rains to see if that repairs the problem with water coming in. If it does, they will go ahead and tear up the subfloor and keep going until until they find dryness, at which time they will rebuild the subfloor back to the point of origin, and apply fresh tiles or whatever we want on it. The laundry room floor will be torn up and similar things will happen there. The cabinetry will likely be ripped up and replaced too. The home office, where I am right now, is on subfloor as well. I suspect that will be torn up and replaced as necessary. That is nice, but I have like 1 000 000 books in here and the effort to box them up will be such that I will hate those books by the time I am finished. I also have two desktop computers in here, one of which is the media and print server for Casa Bevboy. Those would have to be powered down for the duration, which could be upwards of three months.

The boxes will arrive in the coming few days. If we box the contents ourselves, we can reduce the amount of the deductible we have to pay at the end of the ordeal. Every bit helps, and I would rather paw through my stuff than have someone else do it for me.

This, plus I still have a house on the market. I need this experience like I need another orifice in my noggin.

I have a few days before I return to work. I am hoping to squeeze a bit of fun out of them, but more than likely I will be working away downstairs preparing for The Big Repair of 2019.

I think I will turn in. Lots to do tomorrow.

See you then.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Post 3853 - Sigh and Double Sigh

Well, this is a real pickle.

The freeze and thaw cycle has hit my humble abode. Got home from work Monday night and there was quite a puddle on the laundry room floor. I started using towels to sop up the water. Turned on the dehumidifier full blast.

We called my insurance company. They sent a guy out today. He determined that there is a crack in the foundation, a significant one. Any damage wrought by the crack, if covered by my insurance company, they will cover, minus my deductible. But the cost of fixing the actual crack is my responsibility.

I haven't heard yet if I am covered. My fingers are crossed. But in the meantime we contacted Wise Cracks, a place that specializes in fixing cracks in foundations. They are backed up with work requests from other people like us. Could be a few weeks.

Sigh. Double sigh.

Did I mention I'm on vacation this week? Sure am enjoying myself so far.

I think I will turn in. I need to get away from this stuff for a while.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Post 3852 - Three More Days Later.

Hello again, my friends.

Sorry I didn't write the last couple of nights. I was in the Valley on Saturday into Sunday. Had a bunch of things to deal with down there, working into the evening. Friday night, my body just conked out early. 

Today I returned after lunch and helped Patricia clean up and clean out the fridge. It had been a while. Some science experiments had been languishing there for some time. Found a jug of maple syrup we had forgotten about. Quite a bit of feta cheese. All kinds of other things.

In other news, I still have about six bookmarks to give away. I have mailed them to Ontario, Alberta (times two) and the Valley. I delivered one to someone on the way back to the city this morning. If you want one, there is still time. Hit me up and we can make it happen.

I am on vacation until March 21st. A case where if I don't use these seven vacation days, I will lose them. I never knew that was a thing until I started working for government, years ago. I can carry over a certain number of days. I can accumulate a certain number of days. But I still have vacation days I have to use or lose them. Sigh.

So, even though I am off work, I will be puttering around the house and hitting up the archives and that sort of thing. Which means I need to hit the hay relatively early.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Post 3851 - Two Days Later...

I have to stop sleeping at night. Because of that pesky little habit, I didn't write a blog post Wednesday evening. Darn me.

I still have some lingering effects from my virus. I haven't taken the puffer since Saturday morning, for which I am grateful. I had one coughing jag in the car a couple of days ago, but it went away after 30 seconds.

Typical days at work. Patricia took a vacation day today, so I was on my own to and from. Traffic on the 102 creeping in to work was problematic and took me about 40 minutes to get there. But getting home, there was an accident on the same highway, and that slowed everything down to a crawl. Took me 30 minutes to drive barely one block.

I filled up the gas tank as petrol is supposed to go up a few cents over night. I got a couple of peppers and a pie for dessert. Patricia was cooking a lovely stirfry for us. It was very good.

Finally got around to watching "Street Legal" tonight. Pretty good. I hope they find a way to bring back other characters from the original series.

I am going to turn in. Long day. The weekend and 12 days of vacation await me!

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Post 3850 - Cool Bevboy's Blog Contest. Don't be left out!

Went to bed early on Monday night. Sorry about that.

Let's see here. What did I do to warrant writing about on a blog?

Not much.

After work, it being Shrove Tuesday at all, we were thinking of going to a Catholic church for one of their dinners. But we both realized that we didn't really feel like going. Instead, I threw it out there: we get a package of bacon and cook some of it, while I prepare some more French toast. Patricia loved the suggestion. So, that's what we did.

I threw some eggs in a mixing bowl along with some water and beat everything to an inch of its life. I added a bit of pure vanilla extract and a titch of orange food colouring (just because), plus some cinnamon. Beat everything some more.  Set the mixture aside.

Cooked some bacon. Placed cooked bacon on a couple pieces of paper towel.

Soaked three more pieces of the raisin bread in the egg mixture. Started cooking.

It took a while, until 6:45 or so, but we sat down to a decent meal of French toast. Patricia said she loved it. I'm glad.

Perhaps we have started a new tradition. It is all well and good to step out for a meal, but if you can stay home and have food that is just as good if not better, for less, then why go out?

We watched the season opener of "Good Girls", which is just as compelling and interesting as season one was, last year. We started to watch the reboot of "Street Legal", but Patricia was tired so we decided to watch it some other evening. We have waited 25 years for the show to return. What is another night or two?

Oh, here's something. Straight from Vista Print comes the first run of the official, handy-dandy, soon-to-be-highly-coveted, Bevboy's Blog bookmarks. Do you remember books? Words printed on paper and bound together, with a pleasing front cover, and blurbs on the back extolling the contents between the covers? Well, back in the day, people in reading these books would have to remember what page they were on. They could A) Remember what page they were on and just turn to it every time they wanted to read; B) Use a slip of paper such as one could find in a notebook or a receipt from a drugstore or something; or C) use a bookmark.

Bookmarks come in many sizes. I always thought it was silly to pay for them, but many do, shelling out upwards of ten dollars for one of them. Many book companies, in rhapsodizing their wares, provide bookmarks as a form of advertising. There is a bookstore in the Valley that has scads of these bookmarks. If you buy a book, you can help yourself to a fistful of them, at no additional cost.

It got me to thinking.

I am Bevboy. I like books Why not have, in addition to the business cards, bookmarks, too?

Vistaprint became very helpful. I designed the layout of the bookmark. Coughed up some money and waited for them to arrive. And, today, they did.

The layout still needs some work, but this is version one of the bookmarks.

That is the front and the back, both.

Like I said, the layout is not what I want for future editions of the bookmark, but this is not a bad attempt.

This is where you come in.

If you want one of these limited, never-to-be-ordered again bookmarks (because I will revise the layout for future editions), then let me know. I am willing to give away eight of them. Your best bet is to write me right here and say hello and ask me for a bookmark. Provide your mailing address and I will pop one in the mail to you toot sweet. While you're at it, if you can suggest a layout change, do that as well.

Please put something like "Bevboy's Blog Bookmark Give Away" in the subject line so I will know your message is not spam.

The contest is over when the eight bookmarks are gone. Could be tomorrow, or a year from tomorrow.

Start writing, so that you can start reading.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Post 3849 - Five Days Later

Well, sorry about that!

It is late on Sunday night. I return to work in scant hours.

Once again, I must blame my lingering illness for my lack of writing in recent days. Working last week took a lot out of me. More than once I went to bed early.

I have had the weekend to rest some more. I know that doctors say that "catching up on one's sleep" is really not a thing, that it is not possible to get back sleep that you missed at an earlier time. But when one is sick, sleep is a lovely balm, isn't it? And sleeping in, or taking a nice nap in the afternoon, is a wonderful way to wile away some spare time.

I did that Saturday afternoon. We had been out in the morning, checking out the farmer's market at the Halifax Forum. From there, Patricia to grab a couple items from her work. We went to the North end for lunch, ending up at the Mexican restaurant at the corner of North and Agricola. I cannot remember the name of the joint, but the food was very good.

We walked off our lunch, eventually finding the Tare Shop on Cornwallis Street, at Creighton. An older gentleman overheard us as we were trying to find the place and all but walked us there. Their goal is to waste nothing, so while they sell coffee and tea, it is never served in plastic cups. They serve beverages in either containers customers bring in, or in the supply of mugs they keep in the store. They sell bulk items such as some foodstuffs and cleaning supplies in a similar manner: you either take in a container of your own, or use the "library" of such things to put your purchases into. Such purchases you either carry out in your hands or in a bag you supply, or you can buy one of their cloth bags. All very civilized. We like the place and will go back there.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. We went into a gift shop on Agricola that is next door to the Hali Deli, a relatively authentic Jewish delitacassen. We stopped going there because there was one waiter who was... not sure what word to use. Indifferent, I guess, in his service. The lady who owned this store extolled the virtues of the deli but when we told her we no longer went there, she sensed the reason why, and told us that the fellow no longer worked there. I hate to hear about people losing their jobs, but in this case, it was likely for the best. He clearly did not want to be there. It showed in his body language and his attitude and demeanor. It is hard to explain, really, but his leaving means that we will likely go back there again sometime. From what I gather, others felt the same way.

Anyway, we kept walking and ended further up on Maynard, where I guess the hq for The Coast is. They had a garage that said "Coast 25" on it, and what seemed to be an office behind the locked door, plus a box containing the latest issue that you could help yourself to. Seems like a pretty funky place to work.

We made our way back to the car and drove to the Superstore to get a few things before returning home and taking that long nap I mentioned earlier.

Slept until dinner time. Kinda logy, I returned upstairs to watch some stuff on the tv with Patricia. Turned in late.

Today was about puttering around the house, and preparing for another week of work.

Aren't you sorry you asked?

I feel badly that I haven't written regularly in recent weeks. This viral thing has really kicked my rear end. I am feeling much better now, though about 30 minutes ago I had a bit of a coughing jag that reminded me that it hasn't quite gone away.

I do promise to try to write more regularly going forward. You can hold me to it. Sort of.

Getting quite late. Turning in.

See you... tomorrow?


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Post 3848 - Tuesday Night...

How was your day?

Another day in paradise. Patricia worked from home while I drove in. The roads were greasy, so much so that the anti lock brakes kicked in a few times on the way to work.

Work was fun as always. All too soon, and much to my disappointment, the day was over and I reluctantly drove home.

Patricia had spent the day in her home office, the small bedroom upstairs that I cleaned out for her use early in January. I had ordered an adapter from Amazon that connected to the mini dvi port on her tablet and whose output was a choice of female vga, hdmi or dvi. I used vga only because I couldn't find the dvi cable and had a few vga cables kicking around. The sole usb port was hooked up to a usb hub, so she can use an external mouse and keyboard. It sort of gives Patricia the equivalent of a docking station, kind of like the one she has at work. The adapter cost me all of $17, and I already had the usb hub, mouse and keyboard.

Anyway, she is happy that she can work from home and in a home office with roughly the same computer equipment that she has at work.

We had a dinner of left overs. Shortly thereafter, Patricia conked out on the couch while I watched some stuff on Plex.

It is another fun, fun fun day in the life of Bevboy. How do I handle all the excitement?

On that note, I think I will turn in. I may have to take something to calm myself down, since I had such an exciting day!

See you tomorrow.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Post 3847 - Monday Night Ramblings

So, how was your day?

I wish I could say it was a wonderful day. But it was like most any other. Got up. Found something to wear. For a change, it wasn't any of Patricia's clothing. Heeded the weather forecast, which made things sounds as if it would be the worst day ever for driving, in the history of driving. Patricia stayed home, so I got to work by 7:30.

A busy, but mostly uneventful, day at work. Got home before 5 because Patricia had stayed home. She cooked us salmon and brussel sprouts for dinner. After the news was over, we watched "Black KKKlansman". I had not seen a Spike Lee film in quite a few years. I have found him preachy more than entertaining, and I find that kind of pretentious bs to be off putting, and not the type of film I want to watch. But this was mostly a fine film, with more than a bit of humour. It was marred by the last five minutes where for no reason relevant to the storyline, they fast forwarded to 2017 (from the 1970's) and showed some modern day white supremacists, I guess to illustrate that they are still out there, even though we all know that. I recommend this film, but it certainly isn't for everybody.

I am still coughing, but nothing like I used to. I only have to take the puffer once or twice a day now. I must be getting better. He said, hopefully.

I am calling it a night. It's a night.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Post 3846 - Five Days Later....


Well, I didn't mean not to write for five days. Just turned out that way.

I have been going to bed early most nights, although Friday night I was in the Valley, returning Saturday morning. Which was my birthday.

Yes. Wish me a happy belated birthday.

I am... 55 years old. My goodness. I cannot believe I just wrote that. I am but five years away from being sixty, which scares me even more.

Patricia and I had a roast beef dinner on my birthday, courtesy of a local church. The beef was overcooked and chewy in a way that made me wonder if it was worth all the effort to eat. Spoiler alert: It wasn't.

We mostly stayed in on Sunday, but ventured out this afternoon to get some food. Also checked out the pet store in Tantallon at the Hubley Centre on the off chance that they might sell the litter that Newbie likes so much. Against all odds, they do! And they had quite a few bags of the stuff. From there we went to Otis & Clementines where Patricia bought me a copy of the book "Black KKKlansman".

We made our way over to Superstore before having dinner at the Wing'N It, also in Tantallon. I had the fish and chips, which were good. Patricia had boneless wings with sweet potato fries. We started off with  a pretty good Caesar salad. We had a dessert of fried bread dipped in syrup or something. A Newfoundland delicacy that Patricia knew the name of but I didn't.

We returned home. Newbie loved me for the new cat litter, which I also have to install downstairs. By "happy" I mean that he has looked at me with about 3% less disdain than he normally has for me.

Another three day weekend is behind me. Reality hits in just a few hours when I have to get up and return to work. Where do these weekends go, anyway?

Turning in.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Post 3845 - ISO Information

Let's try something a little different this evening.

I am researching a few cases for my Frank series. Perhaps you can help me.

Arlene McLean disappeared from her home in Eastern Passage on September 8, 1999. She went out in the car, and hasn't been seen since. Her car has not been seen since, either.

Crystal Dawn Jack went missing in 1997, although it took anyone a week before they noticed she was gone. In 2002, some surveyors in Lower Sackville found a skull bone, later identified as being Crystal's. The rest of her has never been found. Probably an animal dropped it where it was found.

And Nathan Cross was murdered in North Preston in 2011. His mother was Laura Lee Cross, who was herself murdered.

If you know anything about these cases, please let me know. I guarantee anonymity if you request it. Your best bet is to email me here.

While we are at it, if you know anything about any unsolved crime, such as an arson, or major robbery, or an unexplained death, let me know about that as well. I am trying to expand the scope of my series in Frank to include these and similar things.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Post 3844 - Monday NIght

Hello again, my lovelies.

Wish I could say I did all kinds of things today. But other than some laundry, we didn't do much. We did work our way through the first eight episodes (of ten) of "The Umbrella Academy" on Netflix. It is excellent. We hope to finish watching the series Tuesday evening.

Another weekend is behind us. It is back to reality in the morning. The good news, though, is that I have this coming Friday off, so this is just a three day work week. A Bevboy can get used to this kind of thing.

Oh, before I forget: I will not have an article in the issue of Frank that hits stores this week. Hoping to have one in two weeks. Nothing to do with my editor. Blame me.

Turning in. Long day tomorrow.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Post 3843 - Three Days Later...

Lots of sleep the last couple of days. Perhaps too much. It is now nearly 12:30AM on Monday morning. I am off work on Monday, so I can afford to have a late night. I imagine I will be awake for another couple of hours. That's fine by me.

We have had a quiet couple of days. Saturday I only went as far as the post office to pick up a parcel and then in the afternoon to cash in the cans that had accumulated in the last couple of months.

The parcel contained magazines I bought off an American acquaintance. They are vintage back issues  of The Saint Detective Magazine. The Saint, if you don't know or recall, was Simon Templar, a vintage Robin Hood-like criminal who also looks after himself financially. The original stories by Leslie Charteris ran from the 1930's through the 1960's. The magazine appeared in the early 1950's and ran for 13 years or so. I now have some issues from that run, where until yesterday, I didn't have any at all.

If you know the character at all, and are of a certain age, you may recall the Roger Moore tv series, or the much later one starring Ian Ogilvy. Or maybe you remember the 1997 Val Kilmer abomination of the Saint. Or maybe you have heard an episode or three of the Saint radio show, starring Vincent Price.

Anyway, each issue contains one, sometimes two, Saint stories. Some of these tales were reprints, and some were new. Other stories were by the writers of the day like Donald E. Westlake, Lawrence Treat, Cornell Woorich, Edward D. Hoch, and so many others.

Here are a few sample covers, to show you what fun awaits me.

Bet you can hardly contain yourselves, wot? Get your own!

There were an awful lot of crime fiction magazines back in the day. The Saint. Manhunt. AHMM, EQMM. Charlie Chan had a mystery magazine for a short while. Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine was a mag that paid very poorly but didn't care much what writers produced, so long as it featured some crimes and preferably some private investigators. I have about three dozen issues of "MSMM", about 10% of all of them. Several writers popular today got their start there. Even if you discount the pulp magazines of the 1920's-40's, there were plenty of other crime fiction magazines, a couple of which continue to be published.

Heck, if you want a Nova Scotia connection, ex Chronicle Herald hack Dean Jobb now writes an online column for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Here is a link to these articles. You can follow the link to read all of them if you wish.

My interest in crime fiction goes back to when I was 11 and a young man up the hill from us was selling magazine subscriptions from his school. Dad agreed to buy me and my sister a magazine "as long as we read it", as he stated, as money was scarce and he didn't want to see it be wasted. I looked through the catalog listing the offerings and saw something called Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. The Ellery Queen tv show was on the air that year (starring Jim Hutton and David Wayne) and I loved the show and thought I'd try the magazine.

The first issue I got was the March 1976 one, which I read in one evening, cover to cover, to hell with my homework. But the first issue in the subscription was the February one, delivered to the wrong home. I eventually got it and read it toot sweet as well. Every month, for the balance of the year, I got the latest "EQMM" in the mail, and I would read the issue cover to cover. I developed a love for crime fiction, and in particular, for the short story, which I still feel is an underappreciated literary art form

EQMM got me through some hard times. After the subscription ran out, I could only afford to purchase the magazine at stores from time to time, but by the end of my high school days I had made it a priority to read the magazine on a regular basis again. Sister magazine Alfred Hitchcock never interested me as much, but i have grown to appreciate its charms and strengths over the years and have a few hundred back issues of it. But I have issues of EQMM going back to the mid 1940's, and have long, seldom-interrupted runs of the magazine starting in the mid 1960's through to the issue that came out last week.

I am not sure where I am going with this. I have written about my affection for crime fiction over the years as evidenced by the "ElleryQueen" and "EQMM" labels the blog has. I have told you about this stuff before. But it bears some repetition to tell you about the things that interest me, to let you know that those things still interest me. Just this evening I was sifting through some of the old Alfred Hitchcock anthologies in search of stories written by Jack Ritchie, one of the best short story writers of the 20th century, in my estimation. What that man could produce in, say, 2000 words would take a less skilled writer 10 000 words to do half as well. There are so many other examples of short story writers who can tell a complete story better than some novelist who doesn't know when to stop.

I think I may read a short story before I turn in. So, pleasant dreams, my friends.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Post 3842 - Getting Better!

I am still coughing, but not nearly as much as I have been. I took the puffer once, this morning. Haven't had a coughing jag in a few days.

Is this bloody cold/virus/cough/whatever, finally in my rear view mirror?

Frig, I hope so.

This particular "whatever" has been very persistent. I have paid my dues. I have tried the patience of everyone around me, with my coughing, for far too long.

After work tonight we went to Halifax Shopping Centre. I wanted a new money clip as I have long since misplaced the last one I had. The "Things Engraved" store had several varieties in stock. I selected one. Patricia took it from me as she wants to buy it for me for my upcoming birthday. It was on clearance, but when it rang through it was less than half the price it was on the box! The lettering we had added cost nearly as much as the clip itself.

It says "BDK", on the front. My initials. And "Bevboy" on the back, for obvious reasons.

We had to wait for the work to be done, so we drove to the Kempt Road Swiss Chalet for a Valentine's Day dinner. I ate too much. We like Swiss Chalet a little too much. Other than my birthday next week, we have promised not to eat out going forward. We have too much food on hand. We are foodies, but we can be foodies at home, with victuals prepared in the Instant Pot or on the stove.

I have been on a course at work the last few days. Wednesday night we did not finish until after six pm. I was fried. We drove home and I turned in early. We finished at 5:30 tonight, which made me happy.

The weekend is nearly here. It will be a three day weekend, as Monday is Heritage Day here. I do not know who is being honoured this year. I just know it isn't me. :-(

You have a good evening, my lovelies. See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Post 3841 - What? You're Still Coughing? Get On With Your Bad Self!

Yeah. Still coughing. Still ticking off everyone around me who's getting sick and tired of my coughing up a lung. Really. Nice.

After work tonight we went back to Costco to pick up a few provisions. I also put twenty bucks in the gas tank. Then Patricia remind me that gasoline goes in the gas tank. I felt really silly, and then angry, because the gas tank refused to give me my money back. Said it was "owed" this money but refused to tell me why. Then the gas tank went off in a huff and I haven't seen it since. So, if you happen to see a gas tank for a 2016 KIA Soul, let me know, okay? There may be a small reward. Twenty dollars or so.

We ate our dinner and watched "The Rookie". Hadn't seen the show in a few weeks and kinda missed it.

We are apparently supposed to get a massive storm over night. I would love to work from home in the morning but I am on a three day online course and I would prefer to take it at work rather than here.

In practice most of these Winter storms fizzle out, but there are enough warnings from all the local weather people that maybe there is something to this one. We will see in about eight hours.

I am going to turn in. I am still worried about the gas tank and hope it shows up during the night. I will keep you informed.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Post 3840 - Yes! Still Coughing! How Did You Guess?

Pretty much says it all. I am still coughing, weeks later. The puffer is sometimes useless. I may as well be taking it orally for all the good it's doing me.

After work tonight we grabbed a meal at the Chinese place in Clayton Park, the one close to the Lawton's Drugs. From there we went to Costco where we got some provisions for the upcoming storm. You know, the one that is supposed to end life as we know it in Nova Scotia.

We were both tired this evening. I am glad I bundled up the cardboard boxes Sunday night, so they can go out Tuesday morning. Along with that is the vegetation that has gone bad around the kitchen. It is a sin to waste food, but sometimes we just misplace stuff and it gets forgotten about. I don't like to make excuses, so I don't.

So, we're supposed to get this terrible storm on Wednesday morning. I am not sure how it will pan out. If it is really bad, I will work from home that day. But I have found that most of the really bad storms are seldom as bad as the weather forecasters around here make them out to be. I remain skeptical until I hear more details.

I am going to turn in for the evening. I have to work a few extra hours tomorrow, plus Wednesday and Thursday. Won't be home until quite late all three nights. You understand.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Post 3839 - Sunday Night Ramblings...

Before you ask: Yes, I am still coughing. I am still taking my puffer. I likely have a case of thrush right now, come to think of it, even though I gargle most times after I take a puff.

We had a quiet day. Slept in. Ate something. Did some work around the house. Got caught up on "Outlander" episodes. I cooked an early dinner.

It is back to the grindstone tomorrow. I don't know where the weekends go. Into the ether, for the most part.

I am going to turn in early. After all, I have to get up early.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Post 3838 - Still Coughing

Man, will this cough ever go away? I am starting to doubt it.

I have been taking a puffer for more than a week. I am supposed to take it twice a day. I often take it four times a day, pretty much until the coughing goes away. Eventually it does.

We had a pretty good day over all. We decided to do a valley day trip. We left the house mid morning and went to Wolfville to the farmer's market. From there, we had brunch at the Applewood's restaurant. It was a bit awkward. People saw us there who know my sister, and they were not terribly friendly to us. I can't help but think that they slithered over to their house or called them or something this afternoon. Whatever.

We checked out the house this afternoon and hung around long enough to watch a movie, "Real Steel". It was on the hard drive attached to the media player I keep down there. We had never seen it. It had always looked silly, but we were on the edge of our seats this afternoon. You should check out this film if you haven't seen it. If it helps, it has Hugh Jackman in it.

We left the house around 4:30 and grabbed a bite at the sushi place in New Minas. Excellent food as always. From there we went to Noggin's Corner and then to the IGA in Wolfville to to get some victuals. We got home around 7:30. Newbie pretended to be happy to see us before ignoring us.

Tomorrow is Sunday. There is much to be done around this here place. I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and do it.

See you then.


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Post 3837 - See What I Mean?


I messed up the numbering of the blog posts.


I somehow thought I was still in the 382? series, when in fact it was the 383? series.

How silly of me.

I am the only one who seems to care about the blog post numbers. People who want to take me to task will write me directly or leave a comment or reference the, say, February 4th blog post. I in turn have to turn around and re-read the blog post so I know what they are referring to. It is the circle of life.

I had a quiet day at work. Patricia had an amazing day at work. A project she was managing went very well today, and she is swimming in the accolades. Her boss told her to go home early. It was a whopping 30 minutes early, but even so. It is the thought that counts. We went to dinner at a place that sells fajitas, but they were disappointing so we won't go back there. Too bad. We used to eat there quite often, but the food quality has diminished to the point where we can no longer justify eating there. The fajitas at the place downtown by the library are 100x better.

We watched the news and somehow landed on "My 600lb Life" on TLC. What a sobering show! People who have achieved huge weights discuss their issues and hope against hope that they are elected to receive weight loss surgery from a doctor who clearly doesn't want to be there. We watched the show for two hours tonight. Couldn't take our eyes off it. Shame on us.

Tomorrow is Thursday already. Patricia is taking two days off work. You know what means? Uh... something something something.

See you tomorrow!!


Monday, February 4, 2019

Post 3826 - Would you believe, still ugh?

Yeah. Pretty much sums it up.

I took my puffer this morning, which controlled my coughing for most of the day. But after work, sitting in the car, waiting for Patricia to show up on the bus, I began a coughing jag as violent as any I have experienced since I got sick over the holidays.  I nearly vomited. I took my puffer again, and things returned to normal. Six hours later, the coughing is starting up again. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

We got home and I cut up veggies for our roast beef dinner. It was a blade roast, not my favourite cut at the best of times. Patricia threw everything into the Instant Pot I bought for us for Christmas.

It wasn't very good.

The amount of fat on this normally-fatty piece of meat was nearly off the charts. Even eating the small piece Patricia hacked off for me was a chore, and I very much like roast beef.

We hate to waste food. But we don't want to eat the rest of it, and I'm not sure that this is really food.

The thing is, there is another blade roast in the freezer. We don't really want to cook the thing, for fear it is along the same lines as this one.

Tomorrow I will be having lunch with a friend. Looking forward to it. I promise not to order roast beef!

See you then.


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Post 3825 - Still Ugh!

Slept in this morning. Coughed a lot. Took my puffer and it became less.

Took Patricia to the Tantallon library this afternoon. The folks who make the kimchi that Patricia likes so much were there, talking about the process of fermentation. The room was quite full of interested parties. The people giving the talk had driven in from their home in Canning this morning. That is quite a drive. I am not sure if they were paid for this talk or not. I hope that the library has a budget so that their costs were covered at the very least. They mentioned that they will be doing fewer farmer's markets in the future. Still selling their products at a couple places in the city, but likely just attending the farmer's market in Wolfville from now on. They recognized Patricia because she's always buying their stuff.

We returned home after a quick grocery trip. Patricia was tired so she took a nap. I did some puttering around down here. It has been a quiet Sunday evening around here.

Back to work in the morning. Where do these weekends go, anyway?

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Post 3834 - Ugh

Six days later. Still alive and functioning, more or less. But it's still mostly me going to work and resting as much as possible in the evenings.

Went to the Valley on Friday morning to deal with some stuff. Very pleased with how it turned out.

I returned to the city during the lunch hour. Newbie and Patricia greeted me with a similar amount of enthusiasm. I tried to take a nap and didn't quite succeed. Took a long shower and watched some telly.

I am still feeling off, even though my doctor put me on a puffer the other day. It is treating the symptoms quite well but has a few side effects I'd rather not get into.

I am calling this short, as I need to rest because I will have a busy day on Sunday. Not watching "the big game".

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Post 3833 - What Am I Coughing Up?

Well, how was your day?

I must be on the mend. It is only in the last little while that I am coughing a lot again. I have taken no medication today, either. Not even a cough drop.

Of course, when I do cough, sometimes thing come up. Literally.  Nothing has moved yet, but I keep expecting that to happen.

Didn't do a whole lot today. We are up to episode 8 of season 4 of "Outlander". The show gets more compelling by the week. The producers do little discussions at the end of most episodes. They are alluding more and more to diverging from the books. I am increasingly getting the feeling that watching the show and reading the books would result in significantly different storylines. I almost want to find out. Almost.

It has been a while since I told the story. It bears repeating.

Back in my university days, I took a course in Fantasy. It alternated with a Science Fiction course. The professor had a near obsession with all things King Arthur, so we had to read several such books, and I think I still own them. But we also had to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

My. Goodness.

People have been reading LotR for decades and love the series. They re-read them for goodness sake. They hang on the characters and their motivation. They see insights and parallels and metaphors and similes and who knows what else. I just know that the series was a colossal slog for me. Painful. Monotonous. Boring in a way I cannot describe with polite words. I had to buy a book that reminded me of who the characters were and how they fit in the storyline. A few other students in the class agreed with me. Most of them loved the series. I think that even one student, Josh Arnold, now a judge in this province, liked the series.

I will never forget the time I wrote a quiz, much of whose material came from that series. I got a poor mark. The professor helpfully suggested I re-read the series.

Ten or so years later, at science fiction convention somewhere in the Valley (it wasn't Wolfcon, but some other convention, and I cannot recall just where it was), that professor was there. The author who showed up for the con was C.J. Cherryh, a noted fantasy author. We both asked her some questions. He mentioned LotR and how he was sympathetic to the fact that so many people just didn't "get" it. I heartily agreed with him. Afterward the professor spoke to me. He didn't remember me, of course; but I told him about that quiz and his comment and how I was not a violent man but there was no way in hell I was going to read that series again.

Ever since then, all these years later, I have been reticent to read any fantasy-based series, or much fantasy at all, for that matter. We have the first five "Game of Thrones" books here at Casa Bevboy. I bought for Patricia the first... 10 I think it is, volumes in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. There are only four more, so I should get them. Oh, and a few prequel novels, apparently. I managed to make my way through the first volume in the never ending "Gunslinger" series by Stephen King, but it put me in a stupor. And then there is the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldan, who I am sure is a very nice person.

The point is, reading LotR scarred me for life. It was such a painful reading experience for me that any huge, sprawling book series is so off putting to me that I cannot conceive of reading it. I might have a perfectly good time and fall under the thrall of any of these series, but I am too psychically damaged by that long-ago experience that I cannot for the life of me imagine picking up any other one and giving it a try.

And... now you know.

Time to go to bed. Back to the grindstone.

See you then.


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Post 3832 - Yes! Still Alive!

Pretty much says it all. I have been going to work, but that's about it. Worked on Friday. Went to bed at eight pm.

Got up around 12 hours later. Decided to treat Patricia and me to the breakfast buffet at the Athens Restaurant on Quinpool Road. We got there around 10:45 or something like that, only to discover that they changed their menu recently and dropped the buffet. "Too much food waste. It's gone for good", our server gruffly told us when we asked.

We stayed, of course. We were starving. Patricia had the salmon eggs benny. She reported that there was very little salmon in it. I had the big breakfast: 3 eggs and three kinds of meat, with toast and hashbrowns. It was all right.

Afterward, we drove around a bit. I wanted to find the house where Michael Resk lived at the time of his death. But Halifax changed many of its civic addresses around 1960, and I did not have the new number. I do now...

For those who don't know, Michael Resk was murdered in December of 1955. His death remains unsolved, all these years later. I have found some information about the murder that hasn't been reported in decades. The article that I did and which was published in Frank a couple of years ago yielded a phone call from a woman who told me that he had been killed by a Halifax police officer who was having an affair with the same woman Resk was having an affair with. The cop's son remains active in city affairs to this day. According to this woman, at least. I have my own theories. It is a confounding, even an exasperating, mystery, one which will likely never be solved. Not after all these years.

Anyway, from there we went to the Salvation Army thrift store on Strawberry Hill. Patricia got a few items. I had some books in my hand and... put them back! I bought nothing.

We returned home. I tried to nap but could not. Got up and we watched some tv. Ate a late dinner around 8:30. Watched some "Outlander". Decided to turn in for the evening.

The cough still lingers, like a dude at a party who doesn't realize the party is over and can't take a hint. I have coughing jags which remind me of the ones I had when I first got sick three weeks ago. I am almost impressed by this cold or flu's ability to hang on. Just wish it were someone else who had it.

I am going to turn in. Been awake 15 hours, which is nearly a record for me these days.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Post 3831 - Sorry for Not Writing!

So, it is three days later. Or four. I forget which...

I am working every day, but crashing hard at night. Wednesday night, I went to bed at 6:30 and barely got up again before 6 this morning.

It is now nearly 10pm. I feel that I will be paying the price for being up so darned late, tomorrow.

Can't wait to shake this cough/cold/flu/demon possession.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, January 21, 2019

Post 3830 - A Day Later...

So, the cough is still persisting. I went to work and sucked on several Fisherman's Friends. After they thanked me, I felt better.

Oh, wait.

Yeah. The cough drops.

They helped a bit.

I had a coughing jag around lunch time. I found where I was sitting to be very warm and very dry and it made my throat itch, and therefore caused coughing. The cough drops helped.

After dinner, we drove home. Patricia is figuring out more and more about the Instant Pot. She used it to cook a roast beef dinner. It took a couple of hours to prepare and cook, but it was worth it. Succulent beef. We both had second helpings. There may be enough for our lunches tomorrow but I am not a betting bevboy so I cannot be sure.

My coughing continued all evening. I just took a cough suppressant the doc on Saturday prescribed me. Just a few minutes later the coughing is gone, at least for now.

Calling this blog post short. I need as much rest as I can get so I can return to work tomorrow.

See you then.


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Post 3829 - Thirteen Days Later...

Hello again. Did you miss me?

I was sick, down for the count, for more than a week. As per my policy, which I have told you about before, when I am sick, and take time off work, I do not post on the blog.

I was off from January 8th until last Wednesday. The first few days were pretty rough. I had some kind of flu, but not the kind that caused vomiting or the trots. This one made me feel miserable in other ways. A nearly non-stop cough, only now beginning to subside. Fever. Aches. And nightmares the likes of which I cannot recall experiencing at any other time in my life. Disturbing nightmares, one of which was so disturbing I do not want to share it with you. But I still cannot get it out of my mind.

Another nightmare involved a package I had to keep for my work, no matter what. I didn't know what was in it, and I resisted all efforts to have someone take it from me.

I slept when I wasn't coughing. I barely ate for days. Even today I had a fairly big dinner, but I have consumed far more food at one meal than I did today. The first two days I was sick, all I could eat was a bowl of Rice Krispies.

I went to my doctor on day three. Managed to conserve and preserve my strength so I could drive to see him. He prescribed some cough suppressant that was a narcotic, actually. I only used the last of it less than an hour ago. On the way home, I stopped off at the Dairy Queen in Bayer's Lake and had a banana split. The ice cream soothed my sore throat.

My earned day off was that Friday. Patricia worked from home, went to her own doctor and picked up the prescription I just told you about. Returned home hours later and found me in much the same position.

The first weekend, I pretty much rested and did very little. Did more of the same on Monday and Tuesday. Patricia threatened to hide the car keys if I returned to work on Monday and gave me a dirty look about returning on Tuesday.

I ventured back to work on Wednesday, still coughing and hacking and sounding like nothing human. That night, other than the 45 minutes or so I spent writing a brief article for Frank Magazine, I was resting. Thursday, I was at work, but pretty much slept that night away, too. Friday, Patricia convinced me to work from home in the afternoon. My boss kindly let me do that.

Saturday, yesterday, I asked Patricia to take me to a walk-in clinic. But the one in Tantallon is closed on Saturdays in the Winter. So is the one in Hammonds Plains. We heard about one open in Clayton Park, on Lacewood, so we hied ourselves there. We went to the wrong one, I think; but it had a walk-in clinic, too, and it was open, so we went there. I have to say that they worked quickly and efficiently. We were in and out of there in maybe 45 minutes. That doctor prescribed me another cough suppressant. We got the prescription filled, but I hope I don't need it.

Today, I slept in, like I have been. Coughing up a lung from time to time. Prepared a roast beef dinner, representing the most I have eaten at one meal in a couple of weeks. I think I am on the mend, finally!

I would not wish this flu on anybody, anytime, ever. These past two weeks have been miserable for me, must miserable. Even now, I tire easily. I am still coughing too much. I am still off my feed.

But I feel like me again, finally.

I plan to get back to regular blogging again, as soon as tomorrow.

But for now, I think I will turn in. I still need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies. I have missed all 4.7 of you. Have you, me?


Monday, January 7, 2019

Post 3828 - Kill Me Now!

At work today started coughing and sneezing again. By the end of the work day, my throat was sore and I was exhausted.

Slept most of the night away. Got up just now and had a sandwich and a couple of cookies. Patricia is preparing me a lemon drink. After I have consumed it, it is back to bed.

Christmas colds, I hate you!

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Post 3827 - Sunday Night...

Hello again, my lovelies.

Wow. Where did the day go? I slept in until 10, but I was awake until 2 or so. I was so keyed up after the work I did Saturday night that I could not rest. I got up and puttered around for several hours before we both realized we had nothing prepared for dinner so I got some burgers at the Wendy's in Bayer's Lake. While there, hovering over the payment terminal by the cash, a family walked in and stood right behind me, as if they wanted to see what my pin # was. I have no idea why they were encroaching so much. I hate not having personal space. Grr!

Drove home, half ticked off, and we ate our burgers. Patricia was watching "Pretty Woman" on one of those specialty channels that present content contrary to what they promised to the CRTC when they were lobbying for the channel in the first place, so I watched the news downstairs. Around 6:45 my eyes grew heavy and my sight grew dim, so I took a nap, only waking up in the last 15 minutes or so.

While I was asleep Patricia was puttering in her new home office, temporarily moving some stuff to be thrown out or donated in the coming days, and vacuuming and putting up some flowers she had bought herself yesterday at Superstore. That home office, when it is to her liking, will be a real she-room, one where I will feel uncomfortable, and which I shall seldom visit. Probably her plan all along.

A weekend is behind us. It is back to the grindstone in the morning. But we got some stuff done this weekend, so we can put a couple notches in the winning category.

See you tomorrow, my hearties.


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Post 3826 - Ugh!

Long day. Plenty of work. Quite a bit done.

We both slept in something fierce. Went to Tantallon for brunch. Hung out at Otis & Clementine's for a spell. For once I bought not one book, but Patricia got a couple. Shocking!

Went to Superstore to get some provisions, and returned home, around... 4:45 or so.

After we got home I puttered for a few minutes before going upstairs to the small bedroom. I was determined to make it into a home office for Patricia.

It took hours. Moving stuff to the middle bedroom took a long time. Moving the mattress and boxspring took a while, too. Cleaned out the small bedroom except for the bedframe, which we had discussed we would take apart on Sunday.

Nope. Changed my mind.

9:45 tonight I grabbed a set of wrenches from the place where we store some tools and took them upstairs. Took a few minutes to find the correct wrench and used it to unscrew the massive bolts holding the bed frame together. Took about 90 minutes to do that. Rested the pieces of the bedframe against the wall.

Then, I took the computer desk that I had brought up from the Valley last summer, and which earlier this evening I had pulled out of the middle bedroom, and proceeded to re-assemble it. The only tricky part was the "arm" of the desk, which has to align with the holes perfectly or it will not go together. But shortly before midnight, it was done.

I called Patricia upstairs. She had no idea that I would finish the job tonight. But, she was thrilled that she finally has a home office. She is appalled at the state of the middle bedroom, which looks like a war zone, but we will work on that in the coming days.

I am beat. I am exhausted. I need some sleep, toot sweet. But I love that I accomplished this job in one evening. Somewhere, my father is smiling at me, happy that I finally figured out how to use the enclosed end of a wrench.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, January 4, 2019

Post 3825 - Friday Night, Already?

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all.

Patricia returned to work this morning, but by 11:15, her director was telling her to go home for the rest of the day. I drove her home and worked at home for the balance of the day.

We are both on the mend. Thank goodness for that.

If I have the strength, I will tackle the small bedroom upstairs in the morning. I have been promising to turn it into a home office/work area for Patricia. A few months ago, I brought back from the Valley, a well-used computer desk, partially disassembled. Once the room is cleaned out, I will move the desk in there and reassemble it. I think it will be a very nice work area for her, and she has been more than patient with me to get it ready for her.

I think I will turn so I can get up comparatively early and get that work done.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Post 3824 - Thursday Night Musings

Took another Family Illness day today. Patricia remained sick.

Late this morning I drove to Clayton Park to get some provisions while listening to the Rick Howe Show. They had a silly woman on there taking calls from people expecting her to do psychic readings for them. Along with all the calls from people wanting to know what their finances or health or romantic relationships would be like. A couple of people wanted to know if their house would sell in 2019. I am wondering the same thing! Maybe I should have called in.

Anyway, I got back home after lunch and saw that Patricia was still in bed. She went downstairs and ate some of the stuff I had bought her at the Mezza in Clayton Park. We watched some stuff on the telly. I cooked dinner and washed the dishes.

Patricia is on the mend. I will be going to work in the morning. It will be Friday, and it will be nice to have a weekend so soon!

I am going to turn in. Long day tomorrow.

See you then.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Post 3823 - Three Blog Posts In Three Days! Ha!

Yeah. Title pretty much says it all.

Patricia remained sick today. I decided to take a family illness day so I could stay home and look after her. I prepared a couple of meals and several cups of tea. She is somewhat better this evening.

We also watched some episodes of season four of "Outlander". We are six episodes away from being caught up with the rest of the world. My goodness, Jamie and Claire have some adventures, don't they?

It is back to work for me in the morning. Patricia will likely remain home. I don't think she's fit to return to work just yet.

I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Post 3822 - A Promise Kept!

See? It is late Tuesday night, and I am writing a blog post before turning in.

I have kept my New Year's resolution.

How was your day?

We are still recovering from our joint illness. I am a couple days ahead of Patricia. I slept in until very late today. Made an omelette containing goat cheese and salmon. I tackled the dishes this afternoon and paid the young man who cleaned out the driveway for us. We finished the evening watching the remaining episodes of season three of "Outlander". It was a quiet day for us, and we needed it.

Tomorrow is the first work day of 2019. I wish I had taken a few extra days off, but such is not to be. Back to reality in the morning.

Sigh. Double sigh.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.