Monday, January 7, 2019

Post 3828 - Kill Me Now!

At work today started coughing and sneezing again. By the end of the work day, my throat was sore and I was exhausted.

Slept most of the night away. Got up just now and had a sandwich and a couple of cookies. Patricia is preparing me a lemon drink. After I have consumed it, it is back to bed.

Christmas colds, I hate you!

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Post 3827 - Sunday Night...

Hello again, my lovelies.

Wow. Where did the day go? I slept in until 10, but I was awake until 2 or so. I was so keyed up after the work I did Saturday night that I could not rest. I got up and puttered around for several hours before we both realized we had nothing prepared for dinner so I got some burgers at the Wendy's in Bayer's Lake. While there, hovering over the payment terminal by the cash, a family walked in and stood right behind me, as if they wanted to see what my pin # was. I have no idea why they were encroaching so much. I hate not having personal space. Grr!

Drove home, half ticked off, and we ate our burgers. Patricia was watching "Pretty Woman" on one of those specialty channels that present content contrary to what they promised to the CRTC when they were lobbying for the channel in the first place, so I watched the news downstairs. Around 6:45 my eyes grew heavy and my sight grew dim, so I took a nap, only waking up in the last 15 minutes or so.

While I was asleep Patricia was puttering in her new home office, temporarily moving some stuff to be thrown out or donated in the coming days, and vacuuming and putting up some flowers she had bought herself yesterday at Superstore. That home office, when it is to her liking, will be a real she-room, one where I will feel uncomfortable, and which I shall seldom visit. Probably her plan all along.

A weekend is behind us. It is back to the grindstone in the morning. But we got some stuff done this weekend, so we can put a couple notches in the winning category.

See you tomorrow, my hearties.


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Post 3826 - Ugh!

Long day. Plenty of work. Quite a bit done.

We both slept in something fierce. Went to Tantallon for brunch. Hung out at Otis & Clementine's for a spell. For once I bought not one book, but Patricia got a couple. Shocking!

Went to Superstore to get some provisions, and returned home, around... 4:45 or so.

After we got home I puttered for a few minutes before going upstairs to the small bedroom. I was determined to make it into a home office for Patricia.

It took hours. Moving stuff to the middle bedroom took a long time. Moving the mattress and boxspring took a while, too. Cleaned out the small bedroom except for the bedframe, which we had discussed we would take apart on Sunday.

Nope. Changed my mind.

9:45 tonight I grabbed a set of wrenches from the place where we store some tools and took them upstairs. Took a few minutes to find the correct wrench and used it to unscrew the massive bolts holding the bed frame together. Took about 90 minutes to do that. Rested the pieces of the bedframe against the wall.

Then, I took the computer desk that I had brought up from the Valley last summer, and which earlier this evening I had pulled out of the middle bedroom, and proceeded to re-assemble it. The only tricky part was the "arm" of the desk, which has to align with the holes perfectly or it will not go together. But shortly before midnight, it was done.

I called Patricia upstairs. She had no idea that I would finish the job tonight. But, she was thrilled that she finally has a home office. She is appalled at the state of the middle bedroom, which looks like a war zone, but we will work on that in the coming days.

I am beat. I am exhausted. I need some sleep, toot sweet. But I love that I accomplished this job in one evening. Somewhere, my father is smiling at me, happy that I finally figured out how to use the enclosed end of a wrench.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, January 4, 2019

Post 3825 - Friday Night, Already?

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all.

Patricia returned to work this morning, but by 11:15, her director was telling her to go home for the rest of the day. I drove her home and worked at home for the balance of the day.

We are both on the mend. Thank goodness for that.

If I have the strength, I will tackle the small bedroom upstairs in the morning. I have been promising to turn it into a home office/work area for Patricia. A few months ago, I brought back from the Valley, a well-used computer desk, partially disassembled. Once the room is cleaned out, I will move the desk in there and reassemble it. I think it will be a very nice work area for her, and she has been more than patient with me to get it ready for her.

I think I will turn so I can get up comparatively early and get that work done.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Post 3824 - Thursday Night Musings

Took another Family Illness day today. Patricia remained sick.

Late this morning I drove to Clayton Park to get some provisions while listening to the Rick Howe Show. They had a silly woman on there taking calls from people expecting her to do psychic readings for them. Along with all the calls from people wanting to know what their finances or health or romantic relationships would be like. A couple of people wanted to know if their house would sell in 2019. I am wondering the same thing! Maybe I should have called in.

Anyway, I got back home after lunch and saw that Patricia was still in bed. She went downstairs and ate some of the stuff I had bought her at the Mezza in Clayton Park. We watched some stuff on the telly. I cooked dinner and washed the dishes.

Patricia is on the mend. I will be going to work in the morning. It will be Friday, and it will be nice to have a weekend so soon!

I am going to turn in. Long day tomorrow.

See you then.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Post 3823 - Three Blog Posts In Three Days! Ha!

Yeah. Title pretty much says it all.

Patricia remained sick today. I decided to take a family illness day so I could stay home and look after her. I prepared a couple of meals and several cups of tea. She is somewhat better this evening.

We also watched some episodes of season four of "Outlander". We are six episodes away from being caught up with the rest of the world. My goodness, Jamie and Claire have some adventures, don't they?

It is back to work for me in the morning. Patricia will likely remain home. I don't think she's fit to return to work just yet.

I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Post 3822 - A Promise Kept!

See? It is late Tuesday night, and I am writing a blog post before turning in.

I have kept my New Year's resolution.

How was your day?

We are still recovering from our joint illness. I am a couple days ahead of Patricia. I slept in until very late today. Made an omelette containing goat cheese and salmon. I tackled the dishes this afternoon and paid the young man who cleaned out the driveway for us. We finished the evening watching the remaining episodes of season three of "Outlander". It was a quiet day for us, and we needed it.

Tomorrow is the first work day of 2019. I wish I had taken a few extra days off, but such is not to be. Back to reality in the morning.

Sigh. Double sigh.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.