Saturday, January 5, 2019

Post 3826 - Ugh!

Long day. Plenty of work. Quite a bit done.

We both slept in something fierce. Went to Tantallon for brunch. Hung out at Otis & Clementine's for a spell. For once I bought not one book, but Patricia got a couple. Shocking!

Went to Superstore to get some provisions, and returned home, around... 4:45 or so.

After we got home I puttered for a few minutes before going upstairs to the small bedroom. I was determined to make it into a home office for Patricia.

It took hours. Moving stuff to the middle bedroom took a long time. Moving the mattress and boxspring took a while, too. Cleaned out the small bedroom except for the bedframe, which we had discussed we would take apart on Sunday.

Nope. Changed my mind.

9:45 tonight I grabbed a set of wrenches from the place where we store some tools and took them upstairs. Took a few minutes to find the correct wrench and used it to unscrew the massive bolts holding the bed frame together. Took about 90 minutes to do that. Rested the pieces of the bedframe against the wall.

Then, I took the computer desk that I had brought up from the Valley last summer, and which earlier this evening I had pulled out of the middle bedroom, and proceeded to re-assemble it. The only tricky part was the "arm" of the desk, which has to align with the holes perfectly or it will not go together. But shortly before midnight, it was done.

I called Patricia upstairs. She had no idea that I would finish the job tonight. But, she was thrilled that she finally has a home office. She is appalled at the state of the middle bedroom, which looks like a war zone, but we will work on that in the coming days.

I am beat. I am exhausted. I need some sleep, toot sweet. But I love that I accomplished this job in one evening. Somewhere, my father is smiling at me, happy that I finally figured out how to use the enclosed end of a wrench.

See you tomorrow.


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