Sunday, January 6, 2019

Post 3827 - Sunday Night...

Hello again, my lovelies.

Wow. Where did the day go? I slept in until 10, but I was awake until 2 or so. I was so keyed up after the work I did Saturday night that I could not rest. I got up and puttered around for several hours before we both realized we had nothing prepared for dinner so I got some burgers at the Wendy's in Bayer's Lake. While there, hovering over the payment terminal by the cash, a family walked in and stood right behind me, as if they wanted to see what my pin # was. I have no idea why they were encroaching so much. I hate not having personal space. Grr!

Drove home, half ticked off, and we ate our burgers. Patricia was watching "Pretty Woman" on one of those specialty channels that present content contrary to what they promised to the CRTC when they were lobbying for the channel in the first place, so I watched the news downstairs. Around 6:45 my eyes grew heavy and my sight grew dim, so I took a nap, only waking up in the last 15 minutes or so.

While I was asleep Patricia was puttering in her new home office, temporarily moving some stuff to be thrown out or donated in the coming days, and vacuuming and putting up some flowers she had bought herself yesterday at Superstore. That home office, when it is to her liking, will be a real she-room, one where I will feel uncomfortable, and which I shall seldom visit. Probably her plan all along.

A weekend is behind us. It is back to the grindstone in the morning. But we got some stuff done this weekend, so we can put a couple notches in the winning category.

See you tomorrow, my hearties.


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