Sunday, January 20, 2019

Post 3829 - Thirteen Days Later...

Hello again. Did you miss me?

I was sick, down for the count, for more than a week. As per my policy, which I have told you about before, when I am sick, and take time off work, I do not post on the blog.

I was off from January 8th until last Wednesday. The first few days were pretty rough. I had some kind of flu, but not the kind that caused vomiting or the trots. This one made me feel miserable in other ways. A nearly non-stop cough, only now beginning to subside. Fever. Aches. And nightmares the likes of which I cannot recall experiencing at any other time in my life. Disturbing nightmares, one of which was so disturbing I do not want to share it with you. But I still cannot get it out of my mind.

Another nightmare involved a package I had to keep for my work, no matter what. I didn't know what was in it, and I resisted all efforts to have someone take it from me.

I slept when I wasn't coughing. I barely ate for days. Even today I had a fairly big dinner, but I have consumed far more food at one meal than I did today. The first two days I was sick, all I could eat was a bowl of Rice Krispies.

I went to my doctor on day three. Managed to conserve and preserve my strength so I could drive to see him. He prescribed some cough suppressant that was a narcotic, actually. I only used the last of it less than an hour ago. On the way home, I stopped off at the Dairy Queen in Bayer's Lake and had a banana split. The ice cream soothed my sore throat.

My earned day off was that Friday. Patricia worked from home, went to her own doctor and picked up the prescription I just told you about. Returned home hours later and found me in much the same position.

The first weekend, I pretty much rested and did very little. Did more of the same on Monday and Tuesday. Patricia threatened to hide the car keys if I returned to work on Monday and gave me a dirty look about returning on Tuesday.

I ventured back to work on Wednesday, still coughing and hacking and sounding like nothing human. That night, other than the 45 minutes or so I spent writing a brief article for Frank Magazine, I was resting. Thursday, I was at work, but pretty much slept that night away, too. Friday, Patricia convinced me to work from home in the afternoon. My boss kindly let me do that.

Saturday, yesterday, I asked Patricia to take me to a walk-in clinic. But the one in Tantallon is closed on Saturdays in the Winter. So is the one in Hammonds Plains. We heard about one open in Clayton Park, on Lacewood, so we hied ourselves there. We went to the wrong one, I think; but it had a walk-in clinic, too, and it was open, so we went there. I have to say that they worked quickly and efficiently. We were in and out of there in maybe 45 minutes. That doctor prescribed me another cough suppressant. We got the prescription filled, but I hope I don't need it.

Today, I slept in, like I have been. Coughing up a lung from time to time. Prepared a roast beef dinner, representing the most I have eaten at one meal in a couple of weeks. I think I am on the mend, finally!

I would not wish this flu on anybody, anytime, ever. These past two weeks have been miserable for me, must miserable. Even now, I tire easily. I am still coughing too much. I am still off my feed.

But I feel like me again, finally.

I plan to get back to regular blogging again, as soon as tomorrow.

But for now, I think I will turn in. I still need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies. I have missed all 4.7 of you. Have you, me?


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