Monday, January 21, 2019

Post 3830 - A Day Later...

So, the cough is still persisting. I went to work and sucked on several Fisherman's Friends. After they thanked me, I felt better.

Oh, wait.

Yeah. The cough drops.

They helped a bit.

I had a coughing jag around lunch time. I found where I was sitting to be very warm and very dry and it made my throat itch, and therefore caused coughing. The cough drops helped.

After dinner, we drove home. Patricia is figuring out more and more about the Instant Pot. She used it to cook a roast beef dinner. It took a couple of hours to prepare and cook, but it was worth it. Succulent beef. We both had second helpings. There may be enough for our lunches tomorrow but I am not a betting bevboy so I cannot be sure.

My coughing continued all evening. I just took a cough suppressant the doc on Saturday prescribed me. Just a few minutes later the coughing is gone, at least for now.

Calling this blog post short. I need as much rest as I can get so I can return to work tomorrow.

See you then.


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