Saturday, January 26, 2019

Post 3832 - Yes! Still Alive!

Pretty much says it all. I have been going to work, but that's about it. Worked on Friday. Went to bed at eight pm.

Got up around 12 hours later. Decided to treat Patricia and me to the breakfast buffet at the Athens Restaurant on Quinpool Road. We got there around 10:45 or something like that, only to discover that they changed their menu recently and dropped the buffet. "Too much food waste. It's gone for good", our server gruffly told us when we asked.

We stayed, of course. We were starving. Patricia had the salmon eggs benny. She reported that there was very little salmon in it. I had the big breakfast: 3 eggs and three kinds of meat, with toast and hashbrowns. It was all right.

Afterward, we drove around a bit. I wanted to find the house where Michael Resk lived at the time of his death. But Halifax changed many of its civic addresses around 1960, and I did not have the new number. I do now...

For those who don't know, Michael Resk was murdered in December of 1955. His death remains unsolved, all these years later. I have found some information about the murder that hasn't been reported in decades. The article that I did and which was published in Frank a couple of years ago yielded a phone call from a woman who told me that he had been killed by a Halifax police officer who was having an affair with the same woman Resk was having an affair with. The cop's son remains active in city affairs to this day. According to this woman, at least. I have my own theories. It is a confounding, even an exasperating, mystery, one which will likely never be solved. Not after all these years.

Anyway, from there we went to the Salvation Army thrift store on Strawberry Hill. Patricia got a few items. I had some books in my hand and... put them back! I bought nothing.

We returned home. I tried to nap but could not. Got up and we watched some tv. Ate a late dinner around 8:30. Watched some "Outlander". Decided to turn in for the evening.

The cough still lingers, like a dude at a party who doesn't realize the party is over and can't take a hint. I have coughing jags which remind me of the ones I had when I first got sick three weeks ago. I am almost impressed by this cold or flu's ability to hang on. Just wish it were someone else who had it.

I am going to turn in. Been awake 15 hours, which is nearly a record for me these days.

See you tomorrow.


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